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Finding the Job that you Love

When we become honest with ourselves and give time to reflect on our desires, we finally realize what we really want to do for the rest of our lives. Experts say that we cannot reach our full potential as a person if we’re unable to discover what career we would like to really have. This means that you have the find the job that you love before it’s too late- or you’ll have to face job dissatisfaction for the rest of your life. Are you already doing that Job that you Love? Answer these questions to uncover the job that you really want to do (writing down your answers may help too): What are your strengths in school or at work? What are your strengths? What do you value most? What do you want to accomplish? How do you define SUCCESS? If money is not an issue, what kind of work do you want to do? Your answer to these questions can possibly lead you to finally open the door for the job that you love. Don’t let fear paralyze you from pursuing the career that you desire. You should be more scared of what would happen if you don’t pursue your career aspirations. If other people discourages you in doing it, but you know that you can, it’s probably because they also face the same fear of not...

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3 Steps that Fresh Graduates can make to get Hired Faster

Most of you already started this journey or are already probably done with schooling, but do you already have a clear picture of what to do after school so you can get hired faster? When small children start learning, they gradually get introduced to the alphabet, vowels, and consonants before they can read simple words like cat, dog, and bag. Later on, they’ll be able to read more complicated sentences. In your life as a student, you were constantly asked to do more complicated tasks as you move up the school levels. For example, students who decided to take...

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6 Ways to Improve your Presentation Skills at Work

Delivering great presentations at work is never an easy task. Good thing we’ve already seen a a lot of examples from spectacular presenters like Steve Jobs. By adopting the best practices from experienced presenters, we can significantly improve our presentation skills by learning one step at a time. Depending on how your skill level and acquired experience in presentations, you can apply six different ways to tremendously improve how you deliver and engage your audience. Incorporate these tips one-by-one until it becomes natural. 6 Ways to Improve you Presentation Skills Share what you’re passionate about. These are the things...

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6 Reasons why Employees leave their Employers

We’ve all seen it, employees tend to move out of companies more at certain times of the year. Have you ever stopped and thought about the reasons why your colleagues and other employees leave to work for other companies despite having favorable working conditions? The answers are really just quite simple. If you’re in a position of managing people, you might want to consider improving some of your practices to prevent losing your best talents. 6 Reasons Why Employees Leave Lack of Job Advancement. For some, having to work for something that will help them grow in the organization that...

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Why you should show more ‘Initiative’ at Work

Every day at work, no matter what we do, things don’t totally get accomplished and there’s always a never-ending stream of things to do- which is actually good. Otherwise, you will no longer be needed and you will not be able to keep your job. Be grateful that you’re constantly doing and redoing things in your workplace. In order to improve ourselves, as employees, we always need to come up with initiatives. What is Initiative? It’s the ability to assess and do things on your own without making people tell you. Even if you’re already doing all the necessary work...

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