Most people have a fixed perspective about their jobs and their lives. We usually form these ideals as soon as we leave our schools and disregard other possible point of views. This can sometimes lead us to fail to in seeing other possible approaches to solve problems or accept a better way of doing things. While some can only adopt a single point of view and CANNOT see other possibilities- that’s when they get stuck when faced with unusual problems. Which leads them to go around in circles and unable to move on to do other productive tasks.

Why you should be OPEN-MINDED

We have it heard people asking this question a lot of times~ “Are you Open-Minded?” Being open-minded allows you to see the bigger picture and also reduces your effort to notice the small details (which can become a distraction). Let people who are good with particulars worry about the things that you cannot handle. That means if you are assigned to finish a big project, all you need to do is to see all the big parts that constitute to finishing the project. Although the little things also matter, just focus on completing the project first and then let your co-workers do the other tasks of the job.

Try to see things in the eyes of your co-workers. A certain job may be easy for us but may not be readily done by our team mates, that’s because we have different skills, different orientations, and different strengths and weaknesses. A manager can not expect a rank and file employee to make decisions, or a sales representative to make purchases or develop a computer program for the company. We need to consider each other abilities before we delegate tasks that may not be suitable for the worker. But if an employee decides to upskill himself in order to learn a new skill that he’s interested in, then that employee can eventually qualify for those positions – even perhaps increasing his chances of receiving a higher salary than his former role.

A new job that we are not familiar with may be a path to greater and better opportunities. Some would see a job that they are not familiar with as a way to break out from the monotony of thier daily tasks and embrace new opportunities. While others, who are not open-minded, might see it as a hindrance to the work that they currently do. So, which type are you?

If you are a person who sees new obstacles or work as something that you can benefit from, you may find yourself learning a new skill that you can use in your present job as an easy thing to do. Or you may find yourself a different more rewarding job in the future. So when you see something difficult or unfamiliar, don’t immediately dismiss it. Open your mind, it may be a start of something worthwhile.

Failures is another chance to do it right next time

Failure is another way to learn. Many workers when they don’t get to understand the new task that they have, will conclude that it’s not for them. But fortunately there are employees who see mistakes as a way to learn new things. They believe that they will do better the next time. We can all learn from these types of workers. We too must consider our defeats as a means to correct our past mistakes and prepare ourselves for future responsibilities.

Consider alternatives and don’t dismiss them when they are presented to you. Avoid falling in love with your idea or your opinion. In fact you may be right, but still you need to listen and look at other ways of doing things. Remember that no one has figured out every situation. There may be solutions that you fail to recognize but if you give your coworkers or subordinates a chance to speak and make you understand what they have in mind, you will be better equipped with options to make good decisions.

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