Sometimes we don’t fully realize the power we have inside us. And because we are unable to do what we are supposed to do, we always end up waiting for the perfect time to start things. But when the right time comes, we lose the drive to continue what we already started. This kind of attitude is prevalent not only within organizations but also in the individuals who are part of the organization.

Know what you CAN DO

There are instances when we fail to recognize the things that we are really good at. Only because we already got used to doing the tasks and it becomes easy. That’s why we tend to neglect and do not see it as one of our strongest traits. Pay close attention to things that you can do, things that you enjoy doing and recognize the patterns that may lead you to find out what you can do better than others. Also open yourself to other areas and experiences whether personal or professional.

Acknowledge your WEAKNESS

We rarely acknowledge our weaknesses and frequently ignore them and focus on the things that we can do. The only time we can change it is if when we admit it first. Have the guts to accept your faults is the first step to correct our actions. When we welcome our mistakes, or ask for guidance from our boss or trainers- will be able to prepare, train and change our ways to at least be good enough and feel better for our roles.

Road map to personal SUCCESS

Once we know what we can do best and realize what we are not good at, we can decide to pursue greater personal power by utilizing our strengths and correcting our faults. We can then decide on better and grander goals in our personal and work life. We can organize our goals according to it’s importance and how make positive impact in our jobs. And then we can decide which once to prioritize or abandon all together. These are all necessary steps to reach our desired outcome.

It doesn’t need to be PERFECT

Everybody wants to have the best outcome, but sometimes wanting to make things flawless takes away your control over the task or project. So it’s better to finish the work, project or task first and go back to polish your work at a later time. It’s not a sign of mediocrity, it’s a matter of doing the job that we set out to do. The gaps or imperfections can be mended but a project that was not finished is not acceptable. It’s better to have something to work with instead of nothing at all.

Often we don’t start or continue what we have started, it is because we lack the support of the management, the lack of belief in ourselves and even sometimes our co-workers don’t know how to help us. Or it may be because our goal was not clear to start with that’s why we can’t see the intended outcome in our minds. Or we are overwhelmed by the tasks and obstacles we need to overcome and as a result we are anxious if we can start, continue or finish what they have started. To take hold of our personal power we can focus on our strengths, accept our weaknesses, have a guide for success and try to accept that even if what we have started is not perfect we can still make it work.