Mark Cuban is an American billionaire entrepreneur, television personality, and media proprietor whose net worth is an estimated $4.3 billion. He is also the owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team on the NBA. He started selling garbage bags, collectible coins and stamps, while also handling a newspaper deliveries. His first business was a bar, and later on he started a company called MicroSolutions which he sold that gave him the leverage to start other ventures.

Decades later, he now owns several companies with multiple streams of passive income. He also gave good advice to people who would like to make it in life, at work and business:

  1. Be good and nice to others. “Being nice just makes life so much easier. “Although he advocates being nice to everyone he wasn’t always like that. He would curse all the time, he still does. but he says “The nicer I got the more effective people around me got, the more productive they got, the more sales we had. ” He said that he was under valuing being nice to people. We could learn to be nicer to everyone around us. Just like what Cuban did and we might just get people to listen to us, cooperate and do what we want them to do. We all have to remember that we are here not just to do our jobs but to be a part of the team and we could do much better if we get along well.
  2. Don’t be afraid of risk. “I’m investing a lot of my saved money into this whole idea of net casting.” This was a time when the internet was still new and it’s easier to turn on a radio instead on tune in to an online broadcast. With all the challenges he was able to pull it off and made his business successful.

“I literally was putting everthing that I had on the line.”

Like Mark Cuban, we should not be afraid to risk our savings, if we know what we are doing and if we have a clear vision of the future. He invested his time and money on something he truly believed in and worked hard to make it successful.

3. Learn to sell. “Why aren’t you selling this is your whole company there’s never been a company in the history of companies to live, to survive without sales.” There are books that say “Sales is the life blood of your company” and that is true. Without continous sales you will not be able to survive.

“If it’s your company and you can’t sell you are not going to be in business long.”

Entrepreneurs are not the only ones who are supposed to learn how to sell, everyone needs to learn this skill. Remember when you were interviewed? You were in reality selling yourself to the recruiter, and you’ve learned how to sell yourself. We believe that it’s the same thing with selling anything. Selling is a learnable skill if you are willing to take responsibility and learn to do it.

When you learn to sell, you will never go hungry.

4. Use your originality. “What is your unique advantage? What is the one thing that you have that differentiates you from other companies?”

There are many companes who are simply copy cats and do not have an original take on things. And those companies who have original ideas like Mark Cuban’s Online broadcast company, they will always a huge slice of the market.

Now for employee like you and me, if we you have a unique skill that is hard to find from othe job applicants we can stand out and be able to do jobs that other employees will not be able to replicate easily. Thus giving us a competitive advantage in the job market or in the company that we are working for.

This boils down to our willingness to learn another skill that we can use in our jobs so we can have an edge in the workplace.

5. Make your idea a reality “We all have that idea inside of us, we’ve all been through it.” You probably have a great idea about a product a service or a concept that you truly excited about. You then begin to plan, tell all your friends and even make drawings of it.

“I got this idea, you know when you get all excited, you get that feeling in your stromach and then you go to google and you go, ah there’s no body else doing this.

This is sad, we don’t act on our ideas and then we say to ourselves why don’t I get a break? Why can’t I be like the greats? Why can’t Imake it?

If the first step is dreaming about it, and then planning, however we usually lack the last part of the puzzle, which is execution.

The lack of implementation is often the reason why we don’t succeed in what ever it is that we want in life or in our jobs. This is probably the time to think about how we can take the first stemp to doing the things that we need and must do.

This is a great opportunity to reflect on what we have done in the past see what we can learn from Mark Cuban and heed his advice on how to succeed. As we get more experience and earn more in our jobs, we should also consider creating our own paths by exploring the opportunities of running our own business aligned with our own passion.

Photo Credit: Google Images