The telephone is still a vital part of any business even with the internet and advanced messaging and video conferencing. The way you answer the phone will not only reflect your personality and character but also the image of the organization. Whether you work for a call center, in an office, restaurant, grocery or any other industry doing these may become really helpful.

When answering the phone you should keep in mind the following:

  1. Always be ready to answer the phone. Sometimes when there is no incoming call for a while, some people tend to relax and as a result they are not ready to interact with customers.
  2. Keep your attitude in check. You may be having a bad day, you probably are not able to wake up on time and you have to rush, you may have forgotten to bring your food to work or something is bothering you. Whatever it is you should always treat the customer professionally, your attitude and even your tone of voice will reflect in the way you handle the call.
  3. Bond with the customer in a personal way. You must still be professional when dealing with the customer but you can always give it your personal touch. People who are naturally cheerful always have a better interaction over the phone. Even though the customer doesn’t see you try to smile while talking, It may feel awkward at first but if you practice putting on a happy face every time you’re on the phone it could make a big difference. When you are not using your native dialect when speaking it may be difficult to express yourself but you still need to convey your professionalism using a language that is not native to you. Distinctly say each word, enunciate each phrase clearly so that customers can understand what you are saying which will result in better customer satisfaction, more sales and increased loyalty.
  4. Spend more time listening than talking. Listening intently is a big part of your job when you are on the phone. Don’t speak with the customer. It’s tempting to talk and interrupt the customer, especially if you already know how to resolve the concern, but refrain from speaking. Let the customer finish and then provide your solution or answer to the issue or question. It will save you precious phone time and will be able to resolve issues faster.
  5. Write down the important points, it could be single words that will remind of what the caller wants to convey or a phrase or a sentence that customer mentioned. Creating bullet points is another way of jotting down what was said, this is useful especially when there are many things that you need to remember. You may use a physical notebook or the notepad on the computer. Remember to save with the proper file name what you have written so you can get back to your notes if needed.
  6. Resolve the issue. Being on phone duty means you have to address the concerns of the customer. You may not be able to provide all the solutions but you have to do you best to be helpful. Remember you are the representative of the business when you answer the phone. Whatever you say, do or don’t do will mirror the organization’s professionalism, care, respect and level of commitment to its customers. So keep in mind that no matter how difficult the call you need to stay focused and do what is best for the caller.

Proper business decorum should always be on top of your mind especially if you hold a front liner responsibility. This is the best way to instill a ready mindset and practice these six ways of improving your phone interactions.

Photo Credit: Getty Images