There are many things that we have right now that were not available a few decades ago. Tools that can change our lives if only we decide to use them properly and productively.

These tools were probably just a dream of many of our ancestors before us. They could have never begin to imagine talking to someone on the other side of the world with their voices. And now that we can even see each other, it could be beyond their wildest dreams.

The best part about technology these days is that- it is FREE. You only need to have a device that can connect online and a stable internet connection.

People simply don’t take advantage of all these tools to make themselves better in their jobs and daily lives. Think about it, there is endless free information that you and I can use anytime we like. All we need to do is just swipe our fingers.

When FREE offers No Value

This probably is the reason why most people do not take advantage of this free resource. It is literally at the end of our fingertips. Imagine all this massive amount of knowledge. It’s all floating around in the internet for free.

The sad reality is- people do not see any value to this. Which is the unfortunate impression when things become FREE.

1. EMAIL ~ Why Letters were more valuable than Email

This is one prime example. People before even reached out to friends and relatives on different countries using snail mail. When was the last time that you send a heartfelt letter to your loved ones?

There are many free email providers that give you the ability to send messages, attachments or any kind of information. But do we actually use it to effectively communicate? Why don’t we use it to reach our friends, colleagues or people to see how they are doing and help them. It’s a very under utilized mode of communication.

You can use email to interact with your superiors or if you are a leading a group- send instructions, like do’s and dont’s to your your team so they can have clear directions and become more productive.

2. Chat ~ Instant Chat Messaging Popularity

Many people want to use chat messaging instead of email. The problem with chat messages is that many people don’t choose to use it productively. They use it to send jokes, and other nonsensical information.

Chat messaging can be used to expand your connection at work, promote a product or service, customer service, discuss and solve company issues and most of all increase sales.

Aside from the casual approach of using these tools, the only real challenge with chat messaging apps is that not all allow users to recall and document conversations (files, photos, videos). Some allow you to keep an archive of your conversation. Some don’t.

3. Search ~ The Power of Search Engines

We use search engines to find out the winning lotto number, the latest headlines in showbiz, or even politics. Whatever the primary reason is that you have for using search engines, a lot of us have not fully unlocked its potential on how it can help us with our careers.

To efficiently use a search engine, you can use it to find more about our jobs, current industry trends where you current earn your wage, and even the skills that you need to develop.

There are also ways to make our search easier by using colon, quotes, asterisk, plus sign, tilde, reverse image searching. Boolean search method is one common practice used by researchers that greatly helps them get what they need from the Internet.

4. ~Virtual Conferences as the New Meeting Rooms

Virtual (Video) Conferences is the only technology currently serving its purpose almost to its full potential. It is being heavily used by companies, organizations to engage with workers and make work related decisions. For schools, it became a middle ground for teachers to teach and students to learn online. If the pandemic did not happen, will this practice be fully embraced by these industries too?

But then again there are still some people who use it in an unproductive and unethical way.

Who are we to judge if people misuse the technology? But then again if we think about the potential of the technology that we now possess- we can do great things.

If only we can responsibly use technology and not take it for granted, we can be more productive and become a better employee or entrepreneur.

Email, chat, video, search engines and video conferencing, are not the only tools we are not maximizing. There are a lot more. By giving more value to these free tools around us, we can become better individuals and employees. We can serve our organizations and other people better.

We hope this opened your mind to take action and take advantage of the free tools that are readily at your disposal.

Photo Credit: Getty Images