Freelance jobs have started gaining popularity now since it allows workers to work at the comfort of their homes. Although many of these jobs may not sound easy to you, it could be done with not much experience especially if you already have an understanding of the jobs listed here. Most of these freelancer jobs would require some experience, a computer and internet connection to get started. Some of it doesn’t even require previous experience to get hired such as Customer Service Agents and Encoders positions. High end computers and fast internet connections are not really not mandatory requirements. Most of the time you only need a decent computer and a steady internet connection to do these jobs.

Take a look at these 11 FREELANCE JOBS and choose the closest one that fits your current interest and skillset:

  1. Encoder / Data entry worker. Data Entry is considered by many as an easy job to start. You need accurate and fast typing skills. Some jobs may require looking at old transcripts and retype it in a digital format online but is not limited to this. There are other similar jobs that may require other skills like attention to detail and organizational skills.
  2. Virtual Assistant. This job is like an office secretary who takes care of many different tasks for the client.You make and take Phone calls, email correspondence, screens proposals, do customer service tasks, organizes online and offline meetings, may have to book travel accommodations. Keeps records of customers in a database and arranges the calendar of activities of the client.
  3. Appointment setter. Those who have prior experience cold calling customers can take advantage of an “appointment setter” job. You talk to the customer, find if he or she is qualified to move to the next stage of the sales process. Usually you would need to convince the customer to take a call from one of your closers by providing useful information that makes the customer realize that your company’s offer is a good one.
  4. Transcriptionist. Transcription jobs although similar to data entry requires you to have great listening skills aside from fast and accurate encoding. There is software that you need to learn for transcription and a good understanding of Microsoft applications and other similar ones is an advantage.
  5. Social media marketer. Think about building a community not just a presence when choosing to become a social media manager. You need to interact with clients, create content, read data, identify emerging trends, plan for social media campaigns aside from thinking of the marketing side of the business. Since you have spent much of your time online this could be exciting and rewarding at the same time to those who like interactions.
  6. Researcher. Web Research is another job that you can look into. Valuable content is always being created and someone who can find good, quality information fast can be a valuable addition to a team or a business owner who needs to reach his target audience. In addition if you are someone who does not descrimite and accepts different kinds of ideas, loves finding out more information about a subject matter, and always asks questions to simple and complicated topics, this may be a good freelance job for you.
  7. Customer Service Assistant. Good communication skills and people skills are two of the most basic expertise of a great customer relations officer. You might be thinking of someone who works for a call center, and yes that is true but there are many companies and independent business owners who are looking for CS reps who can do the job for them part time or only for a few hours on the weekends while their main team is on days off or on vacation. That’s where you come in, you can be a voice agent or chat agent or both at the same time.
  8. Content Creator. This job is not exclusive to writers, graphic artists, animators and other creatives can fall in this category. Any kind of content that is widely consumed on the internet can be monetized by a freelancer. Think this way, if you can create an audio or video program that is engaging and provides entertainment or education you can work as a podcaster or a video blogger for a public or private outfit. You can even start your own show and monetize it, when your audience is big enough.
  9. Content Editor. With the influx of new content online there is always a need for people who have an eye for detail, who can correct and make the content more appealing and engaging to readers. Proper punctuation, syntax, grammar and spelling are basic components of a great content and a reliable proofreader slash editor is always in high demand. This kind of job is for people who have the patience, give extra attention to detail, follow a set writing style, and can also write and understand the target market.
  10. Teacher. You can teach a language, a subject or anything that you know. The idea is to teach something that you already are so familiar with that you wouldn’t think people would be interested in it. You’ll be surprised at how many people would like to learn your native tongue, in our case Filipino. You can start teaching your own language online and make money immediately.
  11. English Tutor. I could easily put this under the “teach” category but this gig deserves to be mentioned. There are millions of people trying to learn the English language simply because it is the language that everyone speaks, especially in school and business. If you are fluent in English and are able to provide simple instructions to online learners you can start a one on one tutoring gig. There are many websites that offer freelance work to English tutors, all you need to do is search on Google type in the keywords “English Tutors needed.” and you will get many results from websites who need people like you who can teach English online.

There are endless possibilities in the future of freelance careers. The world of work started to evolve when Employers started embracing telecommuting with the help of new technology and affordable tools to make remote working more accessible for everyone. If you believe that you have other special skills that is needed by paying clients, you can start offering it in local open markets such as Facebook Marketplace, or freelancing platforms such as and see if you’ll be able to get customers on your own. Just make sure to provide some references for your sample work or products.

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