Regular incremental change is the idea beā€Œhind Kaizen. These came from the japanese words, ‘Kai’ translated directly as change and ‘Zen’, translated as good from the Japanese. This is the practice that many companies in Japan instilled with their workers after the second world war to recover. They managed to improve ther productivity and develop positive habits in the workplace by making sure that everyone understands and commits to this way of living.

Your journey to Kaizen can start by doing these simple things:

  1. Acceptance. The sooner you accept, the sooner you can act to change it. Without welcoming change the concept of Kaizen will not succeed. Embracing little changes is the way to go. Inch by inch you can make steps that will make you a better person and employee. At the end of the day you will notice that you are more capable to do more and provide better outcomes.
  2. Ask for feedback. Hear it firsthand from your supperiors and colleagues if possible. There are times when you need to step back and check for yourself if what you are doing is still within the standards of the company. Change is good but if you are deviating from the protocol it may spell disaster that’s why getting the opinion, comments and observations of your boss is necessary for better performance no matter how small or insignificant.
  3. Never get tired of learning. Continous learning and growth is a key factor in implementing Kaizen in the workplace. It doesn’t matter if improvents are minor. The important thing is that there is forward movement no matter how slow or how insignificant. It helps to have a curious mind and an eye for possible upgrades to what they are doing at their jobs. Be open to enchancement and development. Take in new information and processes that can be used for the work that you do.
  4. Simplify your work approach. Kaizen aims to eliminate complex and broad workflows. One way that companies are doing this is by defining their work to the most minute detail. Align with your role in your department. For example, if your goal to deliver products, try to do nothing else but that. They eliminate other tasks that will not help you accomplish your main goal. This way you can refine your approach in doing your main job and possible discover more efficient ways as well.
  5. Collaborate with others when needed. Team effort is necessary to implement consistent growth. It is not the job of one worker or only a few. Kaizen will only be effective if everyone in the organization emnbraces the plan of making collaborations for the good of the company.

The objective behind Kaizen is form a habit of acquiring steady, slow, and gradual improvements in your workflow and output. It does not aim to revamp everything all at once. But this should give you some room to have moderate adjustments- and time for the individual to cope and greatly improve his performance at work.

Photo Credit: Getty Images