After going through a tough interview, many of us just go and don’t say anything at all. Some even choose to forget about it. Surprisingly, some people manage to say thank you to their interviewers for the chance of applying for the position even if they know for a fact that they might not be considered for the position.

Experts say that thanking the recruiter or hiring manager shortly right after the interview is not enough. Do these to when you write your Thank You email~

They advise that you should send the recruiter a thank you note through email. It’s a bit unconventional, not many people do it but experts suggest this allows you to increase your chances of getting the job. The fact that not many people do it, may just give you a better chance of being considered for the role. If you do this you will be noticed and may be in the mind of the human resource professional who interviewed you.

In order to send this email, of course you need to know the recruiter or hiring manager’s email address. You can get this with the receptionist or recruiter who contacted you. If asked why you are asking for the email address, just be honest and say that you will send a thank you email.

Follow the suggestions below so you can start sending a great thank you email:

  1. Write your thank you email immediately. This way the experience remains fresh and you will not forget what you just talked about. Take note of the important things that you talked about so you can include it in your short letter. For example, if there was a certain point during the interview when you and the recruiter / hiring manager had good discussion points about their organization, be sure to include this in your thank you email- possibly thanking them for sharing information about their organization that you found very useful.
  2. Take note of their names correctly. There is no reason why you should not spell the name of the recruiter incorrectly. Although it may not be held against you if you misspell his or her name, it looks more professional if you do it right. To avoid this you may want to write it down and ask the recruiter if you have the name right.
  3. Run your email through a spell and grammar checker. you don’t want to send your email with spelling errors, also check your grammar. There is a built-in grammar and spell checker in most word processors.
  4. KISS (Keep it short and simple). You don’t need to make it a very long letter. State that you are happy that the interview went well and that you are looking forward to working for them and then end the letter with a “sincerely yours” and then write your complete name.
  5. Be professional. Avoid including smileys or emoticons in your letter. Remember that you are sending an email to a professional who just interviewed you for a job. The last thing they need to receive from you is a non-professional email which resembles a spam email.
  6. Touch on the most important points of the interview. The ones that you feel that are important to the recruiter, and reiterate on what you can offer to the company.
  7. Proofread your email a few times before sending it. Sometimes when sending short email messages, we tend to be careless about it. Keep in mind that this simple correspondence may cost you a great job opportunity.
  8. Be positive with your language. Use positive and grateful words like “thank you”, “I am happy”, “Thank you for the opportunity.”
  9. Most of all, be sincere in writing your letter. Focus on the topic- which is to thank the recruiter for the chance to be interviewed. Thank them for spending time with you. Thank them for sharing with you more information about the role and company. Thank them for setting your expectations on the whole process of the job application.

Here is a sample email that you can use as a reference:

Good Day [Name of Recruiter/Manager],

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be interviewed. Given the details that we discussed regarding the duties and responsibilities, I believe I can help increase your sales. I’m looking forward to working with you.


[Your Name]

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