Filipinos have a huge advantage among other Asian counties when it comes to understanding and speaking English. But not all of us are comfortable in speaking the language especially when the time comes when we’re required to do it at work. Even if you do not intend to work in a contact center, it still is a good and necessary skill to have since it will give you a lifelong advantage. You can use it when you engage people in meetings or write business letters. Use it casually to make new friends around the world. English is still widely regarded as an official business language even if we’re in Asia.

Here are 7 things that you can do on your own to become a good English speaker~

  1. Face the challenge, be brave. It becomes a laughing matter for some people when they are asked to do it. Disregard the past impressions that you are ‘trying hard’ to speak it and treat it as a serious matter.
  2. Ask for feedback from people who know you who can speak good English. Don’t be afraid to be criticized, this is a great way to learn. Listen and accept their observations and try your best to do the things they tell you to do.
  3. Make it as a part of your lifestyle. Find movies, shows and reading material that you like and immerse yourself in them. That is a great way to understand foreign accent and neutralize our Filipino accent. There are various ways of speaking English and idiomatic expressions from their native speakers. If you like singing, singing English songs is another way to learn the language. Understand the lyrics and you can easily memorize songs. It’s a fun and easy way to learn that you will find yourself learning with no effort at all. A lot of good english speakers learned this way especially those who are now in the entertainment business.
  4. Be proud of the way you speak. Filipinos have our own unique accent. Other foreigners also sound with their own distinct accent when using it. Never be embarrassed of the way you talk. Even if you have a thick accent, the most important thing is that people can understand you.
  5. Find all the resources that you can get online and offline. We already mentioned a few here. You just need to do your own homework and find websites, apps and other resources that can help you with your ongoing English lessons. Youtube is a great way to learn more technical and proven methods on how to speak it for free. Use it to your advantage.
  6. Be naturally curious and write down new words or expressions to recall them. Enriching your vocabulary is key to gaining more confidence in speaking the langugae. It may be difficult at first but if you make it a practice to jot down any unfamiliar word, a phrase or sentence that you like. It will all pay off in the end since you can use these words someday when you need to.
  7. Don’t worry too much about grammar at first. When you are building your confidence to speak the language naturally, don’t get caught up with too much of the technicalities. But don’t neglect it. Observe the proper rules especially the subject-verb agreement since our Filipino dialect sounds incorrect when you directly translate your thoughts (in Filipino) to English. It’s immensely important that you learn it slowly and then start thinking in English before speaking it. Listen closely to people who are native speakers so you can adopt their natural pace in thinking and speaking the language.

It’s only natural to make mistakes while learning how to speak English. Just be open for corrections and make it your mission to learn continuously. Those who are good second language speakers of English now, started when they were still young. So naturally you will have to catch up with them by religiously speaking and including it in your daily lifestyle too. Do the necessary things that are needed for you to learn on how to speak the language properly. Just like most of the skills that we have now- you will eventually become more comfortable speaking it without treating it as a burden.