In most cases, when people look for a job, they are only fixed to apply for one particular position. And they tend not to look for other alternatives which probably pays the same and needs the same set of skills.

If you take a step back and look at all the spectrum of job hunting, you will realize that there’s more than one way to find a job. When we start embracing this fact, that’s the time that we open ourselves to a lot of new opportunities.

So, where do we start looking? And what is the best approach to help us find a job in a different industry?

Sometimes, your attachment to you current job title is the one stopping you to see the endless possibilities out there. Try to look past your present job, look at your skills and what you love doing so you can start opening doors of opportunities.

Consider doing the following practices~

Freelance jobs are a good alternatives. if you are having difficulty finding a job in your field but you already have significant experience. It might be because you have outdated skills or you have not worked for a while or another valid reason why you are not a favorable hire for recruiters. You definitely have marketable skills that you can use, look at them and package them in such a way that companies looking for your kind of expertise can hire you.

Starting your own enterprise. This may be attractive to some but not to everyone. If you have been thinking of doing it on your own but have not yet fully established the idea this may be the best time to do it. You already have the skills and the time to reach for it. Open shop is maybe the best thing that you will do for yourself. You can realize your dream of having your own business, working for yourself while serving others.

Consider teaching as an option (if you have a passion for it). If you are like them you may start teaching or tutoring online, all you need is a computer and reliable internet connection and you’re on your way to reaching out to others while earning on the side. The amount that you can might be a good substitute income for you and your family.

Heading overseas. If there are job scarcity in your area, then you can consider this as a last option. Now may be the best time to think about working abroad. There are countless opportunities out there that are sadly not available here in our country. You may just find the chance of a lifetime out there.

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Keep an open mind in doing what you’ve always wanted to do. It could be travelling, finding work that is totally different from your line of work or doing something extraordinary in your life0 like entering a vocation. We all have different aspirations and dreams. Yours may be totally different or unusual but don’t let it stop you. This may be your time to give it a try and see where it leads you.

Doing volunteer work for an organization. Yes volunteer work doesn’t mean that you can’t get paid doing it. NGO or foundations might not call it a salary but they do give cash allowances. The volunteer aspect comes in because they usually engage in difficult projects that most people will find unappealling. There is no sense in doing something that you don’t like so if you’re not interested in animals, then there’s no chance that being a volunteer to save animals will be good for you. But if you have always wanted to give to a charitable institution, which is not limited to money- you can contribute your time, creativity or concern for others by reaching out to non profits in your area.

What if you’re just NEW in the workforce

For fresh graduates, an internship could be the best thing. Do your best, be on time and walk the extra mile as motivational speakers say. This is the best opportunity for you to prove your worth. Your on the job training (OJT) may be your ticket to your first job if you do what is necessary every step of the way.

Find someone you can copy (or follow). This is where a great mentor comes in it could be an industry leader, your boss or someone you look up to. These people are usually happy to give a helping hand and show the tricks and hacks of the trade to people whether young or old who are willing to do the dirty work and get ahead in the industry. Show that you care for your job or show your potential in the job interview and you may just be able to find a mentor who will change your life for the better.

Sometimes the best thing to do is to start again especially if you’re in a position that you’re no longer happy with your current job. Look at your present skills set. See if you need to add new ones or polish old skills that you have neglected in the past. You might only need to exert a certain amount of effort in order to improve those skills and make yourself hireable to Employers.