When applying for work, you will be asked about your previous employment- what you did, your responsibilities, skills, what you can and cannot do as a candidate for the position. The question is- Will you be good enough to be noticed and short listed for the job? What if you have the same qualifications and skills as the rest of other candidates?

Here are some suggestions on how you can change the way you think, act and interact

Always take in new information to help you develop your skills. It may take extra effort but it will help you in the end. Listen to lectures that are totally different from your field of expertise, or something you don’t have any interest in. In the beginning, it may be boring but as you learn, you will discover something interesting and useful which can help you expand your thinking and efficiency at work.

Challenge yourself. It’s not easy to totally revamp your thoughts and actions. Make a conscious effort to perform new tasks and activities in your daily life. If you’re unemployed you may want to start a personal project aligned to the job you would like to apply for. Show your ongoing projects to recruiters and hiring managers during your interview.

Open yourself to new experiences. Attend workshops and be receptive to suggestions. There are free online workshops or courses that you can attend. Even if the topic already sounds familiar, you may still be able to learn something from it or this is also a good way refresh your knowledge.

Get out of your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to learn something new about your industry. All new things sounds complicated at first especially if its beyond your current scope of work. It may be a great chance to find out something new or rediscover information that you have dismissed in the past.

New career paths are forged when people leave their comfort zones.

Change your routine. Your daily routine may be hindering your growth as a person and as an employee. Before you start applying for another job you can explore new activities that will help you grow as a person. For example you may want to add regular exercise to your daily activity, it will help sharpen your mind and keep your body healthy.

Follow your passion. This may be the opportunity that you’ve been waiting for, for example you’ve always wanted to learn computer programming but you think it will take years before you learn, or you may be thinking it’s too late to learn. Take free lessons in your spare time, and because you’re interested in the subject. You may find yourself learning a lot more than you expected. You can then use the information to find a new career as a programmer.

Your answers will greatly influence the decision of the recruiter, you need to satisfy their expectations and even exceed them to be one that they choose for the job. But providing the right answers may not be enough for you to get the job. That’s why it’s important for you to reinvent yourself to stand out from the rest of the Jobseekers.