The cliche goes “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.” Since you probably already heard this saying a hundred times, it simply means and I hope that it does resonate to you more that persistence is really what we all need to find the right job or the right company that will hire you.

An ideal work relationship is a perfect marriage between employee and employer. The employer needs to see that the employee can help them with their goals, tasks, projects and vision. While the employee has to see the company is the best that he could work for that could give him the freedom to work independently, work with a team, grow as an employee and expand his professional horizons.

Now let’s talk about how you can keep on striving until you find the best organization to work for~

Look at four aspects in your job search- your APPEARANCE, the WAY YOUR CARRY YOURSELF, your RESUME, and the WAY YOU SPEAK. This may not be the only things you should look at but if you focus on these 4 things you may increase your chance of getting hired twice or even thrice.

Would you hire yourself based on how you look? Whether you like it or not the way you look plays a big role in getting hired. Try to imagine yourself as the HR manager, you wouldn’t hire someone who is a clown outfit for your retail business. I know it’s an exagerated example but I just want to make a point. Wear the appropriate attire when job hunting, if it’s an office wear business attire or any suitable clothing.

Posture is another thing. This is not limited to how we sit or stand up, but our overall body and facial disposition. Don’t frown, smile. Sometimes you don’t notice it but if you are not used to smiling, we end up giving out a bad impression that we’re havinga bad ady. If you’re the type who’s not comfortable giving out a smile with people you don’t know, aim to have at least a neutral disposition- a poker face which doesn’t suggest any emotions at all. But it’s better if you can smile at the recruiter before, during and after the interview, if you can that naturally. Slouching is another bad habit that you should avoid. It’s always a good idea to become conscious about your posture until you get used to doing the correct one.

Rewrite your resume. It may only take a few tweaks so that you can make it look more appealing to anyone who reads it. Remember, HR professionals have their set of preferences according to the job description and the requirements of the position. Have someone else take a look at it look at it and ask how they find it. Sometimes even if you have already edited and checked for errors. you may still have missed out on a few important points.

Become more confident on how you respond to interview questions. By now you probably have encountered most of the important and difficult questions that recuiters can throw at you. Try to recall these questions and sort them on a notepad or piece of paper. Practice answering each one in your mind, better yet say your answers out loud or infront of a friend or a relative if you want to hear yourself and get feedback about how you look and sound like when responding.

Make job hunting the most important thing to you, don’t let anything get in your way. Every rejection that you receive gets you closer to your goal.

For most who believe in a higher power, there’s nothing wrong in saying a little prayer to help you bring the best out of yourself before you attend job interviews. Most of all, never give up in your job search because there is no other way to land on a new job without perseverance. Use your talents, your connections, and your imagination. You are better than what you think, believe in yourself and seize opportunities that you encounter.

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