Job hunting means that you are opening yourself to speak, mingle, and interact with people who can help you get employed. This might be easy for people who are naturally outgoing and at least with strangers. But for those who are not used to talking to people, they find unnatural. If you still haven’t tried networking to find jobs, now is the time to apply this practice to begin connecting with people and finding employment.

You may start networking by doing the the following common and acceptable behaviors:

Inform people that you’re looking for work

Immediately tell your family and friends that you are currently looking for a job. You’ll be surprised how they will respond. Filipinos are naturally helpful so they will usually point you in the right direction and may even give you tips on how to get hired.

Use online groups

Communities are easily accessible now, you can join in Facebook in just a few minutes and participate in discussions to get regular updates from recruiters. A lot of other members of groups also offer jobs. Just practice caution when giving out your information and dealing with individuals who are offering work. Ask for links where they posted the job openings and make sure that they are listed on a secured site (https://).

Chat with everyone you know

There is nothing wrong with letting your contacts know about your search for a job, they might just be able to give you job leads that you may not be able to find on your own. Message everyone on your list, close friends, acquaintances, relatives, old classmates and even people you don’t usually talk to. They might just give you the information that you need. Create a short message that you can copy and paste in your messenger application and provide a link to your profile in Linkedin or other job portals. Make sure that you have a soft copy of your resume ready so you can immediately send it to them when they request for it.

Show appreciation

Give something in return when you ask for a favor. It could be a simple link to an online movie you enjoyed or your favorite food recipe. A simple thank you emoji or GIF can go a long way. just don’t forget to show your gratitude and in the future when you get a job through their referral you may want to treat them to a nice meal or give them a small token of appreciation for their help.

Develop self confidence

You need to interact more with people to truly be able to network and successful land a job. Start talking to people online and offline you can immediately ask for information about job openings or you could start to get to know them and as your relation with new people mature you can ask them if they know of any job openings.

Your own job ad

It’s not illegal to post something on social media about your desire to get a job. If companies are creating job ads you can do the reverse by posting your own personal “I am currently looking for a job” ad. You can see this on Linkedin, it would say “Actively seeking employment.”, it may help you get a job faster.


Since we are talking about the phrase “Actively seeking employment.”, you might as well do that on linkedin too. Go to the settings, go to the privacy tab and then click on “looking for job opportunities.” You will be asked for more information, just fill it up. LinkedIn is not the only platform you can use, there are other job portals available like Monster, Jobstreet and Philjobnet.

Networking is not easy especially to people who are shy, but if you want to get a job you need to start developing this skill. Start talking to people, use online resources like groups, communities, and job portals, most of which develop your personality and skills to be qualified to work for a company.

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