It’s true that most businesses expierienced losses during the global pandemic. But the BPO sector, particularly contact center jobs, are still in demand even if it’s been hard for the rest of the business world to cope with the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic. There’s simply a huge need for their services since banks, online shops, utilities and other companies still rely on overseas customer support. Customers still need all the help that they can get from people who answer customers’ questions and resolve their issues.

Although the pandemic has been going on for more than one year now, and there’s a significant movement with vaccinations, not everyone has received the life saving shots yet. So the option to work from home and observe social distancing policies still continue.

Work from home jobs are steadily on the rise and this is not just for employees in the call center industry. Many companies have already shifted and have adopted this way of working since there are far many benefits other than just avoiding health risks.

This is good news to a lot of Filipinos who are looking for a job- and also to those who are currently employed in the BPO. There will be more job opportunities for aspiring call center agents- and continuous work or promotion opportunities for contact center employees.

How can people take advantage of this new work trend

The first thing that you need to do is to DECIDE on the job opportunity. Decide first if you really want to work for one. Make up your mind to work for the industry so you can think of ways to improve yourself to be eligible to work for a BPO company.

Apply on the opportunities that you see. Submit your resume. Walk in for job interviews (if available). Or update your online resumes to catch the attention of recruiters in job sites such as PhilJobNet or LinkedIn so you can readily share your profile. There are plenty of recruiters who are actively searching for qualified people.

If you don’t get any immediate responses from recruiters, don’t lose hope. You can continue to send your resume to other BPO companies. If you get an invitation for an interview, you must prepare for it to improve your chances of getting hired.

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UPGRADE YOUR SKILLS while you are actively searching for a job. Focus on skills like computer literacy and office applications. English communication skills, both written and verbal are definitely the key skills that you need. Followed by customer service knowledge, phone and email etiquette.

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Many people who do not have the necessary skills to work for a call center would readily dismiss the possibility of working in a BPO. It’s the lack of confidence that’s why others reject the idea of working in the industry.

Exert a conscious effort to develop your soft skills together with other skills like self management, adaptability to schedule changes, and the pursuit of higher and continuous learning so you can belong in the industry.

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