When you start searching for a job, you usually start with high hopes of getting hired. But as the days pass by, when you start experiencing rejections after another, your self-confidence starts to fade quickly like water on a hot summer day. We get caught in self-made Traps that causes us to lose our belief that we can eventually get hired.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you motivate yourself, you can’t seem to boost your self esteem any more and may end up not trusting your own talents and capabilities.

Here are things that you can do to boost your morale so you can continue your job search:

  • Don’t listen to the opinion of other people about your lack of knowledge, skills or experience. In many companies, as long as you meet the basic requirements, you will be given time to learn their process and workflow so you can become proficient to carry out the job functions. Also, don’t listen to the inner voice that says that you are not good enough to land a job.
  • Be more concerned with learning new things than being excellent in the skills that you already possess. Being exceptional at your work is another thing and is a different topic altogether. For now, continuous learning is what you need especially if you are new in company or as someone who is not an employee yet. Learning new skills all the time will surely develop your self-confidence and can immediately translate to belief. Believe in the possibility that you will get hired by a company who needs someone of your skill and talent.
  • Tell yourself constantly that you are good, even great, and that you deserve the job that you are applying for. This is not wishful thinking, but a good way to convince yourself that you are enough. Your skills and know-how is should be enough to get hired. Say this everyday to yourself

“I believe I can get a job soon, my skills and know-how are enough for me to get a job.”

  • Don’t develop the fear of not being able to get the job. People most of the time don’t get hired simply because their skills don’t exactly match the job requirements. Don’t blame yourself and cause yourself to stop losing the motivation to look for employment. People who get hired always share the same experience- that their perseverance was the reason why they were able to meet their next employer.
  • Be more assertive. When you meet recruiters, shake their hands. Don’t wait to be asked for your name, tell him your name. Greet them with a confident “Good Morning”, and pair it with a big smile. Doing this will boost your confidence and immediately create a positive impression that you are well mannered and confident. Try it next time that you are interviewed. It will develop your personality and the way people see you.

Small things that we do leads to big changes in our lives. We do not guarantee that doing all of these may turn all your defeats to success. But if you start with yourself and a positive mindset, you will eventually find a job that suits you. Constant improvement also requires that you check what skills and attitude you need to work on so that you may improve them and become an essential employee.

Photo Credit: Getty Images