Customer service is an important part of any business whether it’s a brick and mortar or online business. You cannot imagine going to hotels, retail stores, department stores, restaurants, fast food chains or even supermarkets without seeing any customer service personnel.

If you’re one of those people who has trained or experience with customer service, this means there are plenty of opportunities waiting for you.

For those who has not received training or worked in the customer service environment yet, these are the things that you need to ask yourself if you’re interested to pursue a career in customer service. If you can say YES to all of these questions, there ‘s a big chance that you’ll be a good customer service representative- and get hired soon in the BPO sector.

Do you know how to empathize with the customer? In almost every call you will have to sympathise and show your concern to the customer, you may have to use phrases like “I apologize for the inconvenience” or “I’m sorry to hear that.” Those who can genuinely identify with the concerns of customers will have a better chance of making it.

Can you talk clearly? Communication skills plays a big part in your role as a call center agent. You not only need to speak English but the customer needs to understand what you are saying. Job seekers who can relay information effectively have a good chance of getting hired.

Are you willing to continuously learn new information? Product knowledge is a huge part of the job of a customer service representative, a technical support agent, and even tele sales professionals. There is new information being rolled out almost everyday, and you are expected to learn it as they come. Those who can easily learn information as they come will be successful in a call center.

Can you solve issues on your own? Most of the time you will be talking to customers who have issues as a customer support agent, thus you are expected to resolve problems on every call you can make in this industry. People who find answers to difficult questions can thrive in a contact center.

Are you patient with difficult people? Once in a while you will encounter customers who are never satisfied with the service no matter what you provide them, and no matter how good your customer skills are. If you are ready to deal with people who are hard to please, you can start applying as a billing or disputes agent.

Do you know how to prioritize issues? The level of problems that you will encounter will vary. There are matters that could be resolved by providing a discount, some issues you can sort out by giving a ticket number, but others issues may need more attention and exceptional problem solving skills. People who are organized are good candidates for a job in a call center.

Technical knowledge, empathy, excellent communication skills and a good business sense can help you get a job in a bpo as customer service representative. However, if you don’t possess these skills yet you can always read, learn, or attend an online or offline class that will give you the needed competency to become a call center worker.

Photo Credit: Getty Images