“Do what you love and success will follow, passion is the fuel behind a successful career”

– Meg Whitman

According to experts, this quote is true especially if you want to be happy with the job and eventually grow and climb the ladder of success.

Here are three famous people who pursued what they love doing and succeeded~

Walt Disney

Walt Disney always loved drawing and he in fact never stopped doing it until he became famous for creating the animated cartoon Mickey Mouse. As a matter of fact. when he was a just a kid, he started by selling his illustrations to his neighbors. Although he did not invent animation, he revolutionized it and made a larger audience appreciate it. He later built ‘The Mickey Mouse Park’ which was eventually renamed to Disneyland.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates loved programming. In highschool he was able to do just that by creating programs for video games, a payroll system, a traffic counting system that local government used, and while still attending college he developed the operating system for MITS Altair and later on founded the tech giant Microsoft.

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison loved inventing things, he started his own laboratory at 10 years old. He has more than 1000 inventions under his name and is noted as probably the greatest inventor in history. The light bulb, the phonograph which records and plays back phone conversations, the camera that as you know captures images of people and many other inventions.

You may not be an inventor but you definitely have ONE THING that you love doing. You don’t even have to look that far, your parents, relatives and friends probably also followed their passion in doing what they love doing and make a career out of it. That is what you need to do, and do it every single day. The career that you apply and pursue should be directly related to it or somehow can apply what you’re good at. If you love helping people, a career in healthcare or social work will be suitable for you. If you love building things, engineering or computer science (programming) will probably fit your interest and passion for creating new things.

The question is do you know what you love to do? If you are starting out it’s a good idea to have a self evaluation to find out what you want to do and what job fits you well. We have written some articles on that subject and you can find the list here~

Career Choice Articles

You may skip the question above if you already know what you want to do, what you love or what you want to pursue. Let’s talk about what you need to do to get the job that you love.

You can start by doing these important things:

  1. Create or improve your Resume and clear state the one thing you LOVE doing. Gary Keller the author of the book, “The One Thing”, said “Success demands singleness of purpose.” He said it’s better to do a few things instead of doing many things. And that people who do one thing are the ones who become successful and well known in their industry. It could be computer programming like Bill Gates or it could be drawing, illustration, or graphic design or animation like Walt Disney.
  2. Build your portfolio or sample of work. It could be an online showcase of things that you’ve done, of course these are things that you enjoy and love doing. You could develop a personal website for the things that you’ve accomplished, include pictures, articles, videos, and a working proto type of the thing you’ve created, a sample or anything that proves you can do stuff. This will be easy for you because what you will show is the thing that you love doing.
  3. Contact companies and apply for the job you love doing. Don’t just let them know that you are applying for the job, dig deep to find out everything about them, thei culture. The people in the company, if possible, find someone who is working there and ask him questions about the company or questions about how it is to work there.

These three things may not be complete, and it may or may not help you get in the door but it’s the quickest way to get the attention of a recruiter who is looking for a specialist who loves what he is doing. Try to do these tips and see what happens. We have other articles that you can read and get inspiration from so you can start working on the job that you love.

Photo Credit: Getty Images