If you already managed to dive into freelancing, you might have thought about quitting your regular 9 to 5 job. There are definitely plent of risks in doing this. But staying employed even if you are a freelancer can give you more benefits than you can imagine. There are many things you may be missing out on if you dive straight into freelancing and quit your regular job.

These are some of the benefits enjoyed by employed individuals (that you will lose if you quit):

Expected salary payouts. You can continue to pay your monthly bills, food, and other necessities which may be helpful while you are establishing yourself as a freelance worker with your basic salary.

If you choose to still go on overtime you can earn extra. Use the extra cash to save up for the equipment and tools you need as an independent worker. Or to pay for bills, for those who have children who are in school and other miscellaneous expenses.

Health Benefits. These might not be important to you right now, but it becomes a necessity during health emergencies. We never know when that can happen. Medical emergencies can easily consume all your savings especially if you do not have a health card. These health cards can provide full hospitalization, dental care, vaccine,  including medicine and other medical devices needed for the recovery of the patient not only for yourself, but also for your family members (if they are part of the coverage).

Disability benefits. This may be in the form of monthly cash incentives, medicine for maintenance, or other support until you can go back to work. This may come in handy if a worker gets into an accident or other medical condition.

Paid Leaves. Vacation leaves can be used to when you are working with your freelance projects. Technically you can also use it to any activity that you prefer, but it's best to practice discreteness. You don't need to announce that you are doing freelance work while you're on vacation leave.

Maternity leaves for women. It may take up to 105 days which gives mothers time to recuperate through proper filing with the Social Security System (SSS).

Paternity leaves for married men. To help and assist their wife, and to take care of related matters.

For the list of other benefits that you may avail as a regular employee, you proceed to the DOLE website and read the Handbook on Workers Statutory Monetary Benefits.

Paid Holidays. Remember, there are 12 regular holidays in the Philippines each year. But you need to be present at work the day before the actual holiday in order to get paid. As a freelancer you will not have these benefits, another reason to maintain your regular job while doing part time work.

Educational assistance. There are some companies who provide tuition reimbursement and financial assistance to employees with children who are still in college. This is particularly helpful if you have more than one child who is in school. They may also offer training and educational assistance to their own employees for growth and additional skills development.

13th Month Salary (and other bonuses). You will still enjoy your 13th month come the holiday season, other companies even provide 14th and even 15th month pays as part of their retention and incentive program.

Allowances. Food, clothing, transportation allowance, or even car incentives to employees who need it. Definitely a big loss if you quit your regular job since these can save you a lot of money if you have to shell out your own money to pay for these commodities.

Remember, you can still do your freelance work while you are with your current employer as long as it doesn't conflict with your role with the company and your day to day deliverables. This allows you to earn additional income. Don't set aside your regular job because it's equally important due to the large number of benefits that it can give you. But if you are really decided to go full time as a freelancer, just make that you have already established yourself by building your business network and strengthening your skills.

Photo Credit: Getty Images