A lot of people lack the direction they need to succeed in life and world of work. It’s definitely hard to succeed without knowing if what we’re doing helps contribute to our life goals. But with a little bit of help from successful people, by knowing their struggles and how they overcame it, we can immediately see the right path so we can start pursuing goals that are worth our time and achieve many great things.

Most of us know who Arnold Schwarzenegger is, he was a former multi awarded body builder, a hollywood superstar, and a two term governor of the state of California. What most people don’t know is that he’s also a successful entrepreneur (businessman).

It might also surprise you that he occassionally also gives inspirational talks. He once delivered a very inspiring speech where he talked about how to be successful in life.

You probably have seen some clips of his speech before, but if this is your first time to hear about it, it’s definitely worth reading this 5 minute-read article and sharing it with your friends.

He are the 6 Rules that we can all adopt, in order to be successful in Life and Work according to Arnold Schwarzeneger:

  • Trust yourself. He said you need to dig deep inside of yourself and find out “who you want to be, not what but who.” He said you need to “figure out for yourself what makes you happy.”

Those who trust in their abilities are usually the ones who can easily get a job and usually make it big in whatever industry they are in. At work they are the ones who usually start and finish a project because they know that they could do it, they believe in themselves.

  • Have a vision. He talked about having a clear vision of where you want to go, and who you want to be. This is true in life and work. If you’re applying for a job but you don’t know the kind of work you want to apply for it will be difficult for you to find a job, and if you do find a job you may not be happy doing your tasks.

The lack of vision may also be the reason why there are people who are unhappy with their current job. He also said that if you have a goal you will have a clear direction and you will not be drifting in life.

  • Think big. Arnold wanted to be in the movies and he did it, he got acting roles. But he wanted more; he wanted to be the lead star. He did not stop believing and doing the things that will improve his character and acting skills. One role led to another and then later he got bigger and bigger roles until he finally became a Hollywood star.

People who are not afraid to fail are the one who usually make it and succeed. It doesn’t matter how many times they fall they always get up and continue their journey,combined with their desire to be number one in their field, to be the best or to be the first, that’s why in the end they succeed.

  • Ignore the naysayers. When he was starting he told his friends and manager that he wanted to be a star in Hollywood but he was laughed at, but he did not stop improving himself. He attended English speaking classes, and accent neutralization classes. He also attended acting workshops, and attended college.

Eventually he received a call for a small part in a movie and that was the start of his movie career. Opportunity comes to those who prepare even if there is nothing happening with your career yet. So like Arnold you can prepare for what you really want, so when the right time comes you will be ready.

  • Work hard. In my opinion this is probably his best rule. Because of his constant grind as body builder he was able to win 14 world titles. Did numerous blockbuster films, served as the 38th governor of the State of California from 2003 to 2011, and invested and owns several businesses.

Nothing significant will happen even to people who are born with extraordinary talent without hard work, there is a quote that says “hard work beats talent.” This only means that even if you do not have the gifts to get ahead in life you can still make if you work hard enough. As Arnold would say it “No matter what you do, work, work, work.”

  • Give back and change the world. Although not everyone would like to change the world, we can all give back in our own special way. While working or doing your job as an employee you can give back by diligently doing your best, not wasting time, and by serving customers the best way that you can. You may even give back by giving a small portion of your pay to charity or if you have the time you can do volunteer work.

Although we have different goals, drive, ambitions, and dreams, Arnold said that his rules for success can be used by anyone who wants to achieve something great.

After watching Arnold’s 6 Rules for Success, you can decide for yourself if you want to start implementing them into your own life.

Decide what you want to do, and do it well and don’t let anything stop you.

Photo Credit: Quirkybyte Photos