This question may have different meanings for each individual. For someone who is always online, this may mean how many hours can he or she stay connected on the internet. While for someone who has many business connections- it may mean connection with individuals, organizations or entities he can do business with.

Whatever your initial thoughts about this question is, it’s totally valid. We are mainly talking about your connection with the people, work, the internet and anything you can think of.

In the new world that we are all now living in right now, it can be hard to cope, survive and thrive without some sort of relationship with humans or technology.

Imagine a few decades ago, before the internet became accessible for everyone, we were all relying on snail mail and even the telegram. But now we can instantly send chat messages, email, and video calls by simply picking up our smartphones.

It is possible that in a few more years, we will see more advancement in technology. There will be new job titles that we never thought would be possible. That’s why we all need to adapt and learn how to use technology to our advantage.

You can make technology work for you by learning how to use it to improve your quality of life.

Embrace and even advance as much as you can to cope with the ever changing world of work as we know it, because it will not regress, it will only move forward.

Stop, look and listen

In order to adjust to new trends and technology you need to stop and analyze the new task or application that you need to use for the job in order to do your work effectively.

Look around and ask for help if needed. You don’t have to do everything on your own, your co-workers can help you or can ask for training.

Listen to the advice of your teammates who have more experience in using new tools. Those who have a unique and valid point of view can help you broaden your understanding of the things and situations in the workplace.

If there are new applications or machine to use, see it as an opportunity to increase your knowledge and understanding. This will eventually also make you efficiently do your work to give you more free time to do other important things in life and at work.

Change is constant

Change will always happen and the only way to cope and stay relevant is to “accept” that things constantly change. You have to adapt, otherwise you will be left behind.

See the benefit of absorbing new information or the use of a new tool, equipment or computer program. When you identify the good things that you will get out of it, you will start to acquire new skills that you can use for work and even in your own personal life.

Give it time. Allow it to grow in time and exert some effort to learn new things will turn out well as long as you believe that it’s worth investing your energy in it. So believe that the new way of doing things or the new piece of equipment, machinery of computer software will make things better for you in the long run.

There is no way but to adjust and transform the way you think about technology. Use it to improve the way you work, and the way you think. We need to stay connected in order to solve issues and to stay up to date.

Learn as much as you can with new technology that can help you improve you life. If you need to force yourself, do it by all means. But it would be better to try to find your own path, your own way, and enjoyment to make it easier for you to take in what you need to learn. That will help you grow not just as an employee, but as an individual in the constantly evolving world of work.

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