If you have worked in a factory or a similar environment before, you may have noticed that there are people who likes to have some music playing in the background while doing their jobs. Some telemarketing firms even play music while their telephone agents are calling to keep the energy up.

Music can improve the way you work if you are able to use it the right way- by improving your mood and not causing any distractions to yourself or others.

There are also fast food chains who play music in their kitchen and receiving areas to help keep the spirits up. And of course its no different with coffee shops, restaurants, and hotels- they play music to create a calm environment.

Music plays a big role in our jobs. Many companies allow music to be played in the background because they already realized the benefits in doing it:

  1. Playing music helps people boost their productivity.
  2. Music keeps their workers’ minds more focus on the job at hand.
  3. Listening to music prevents workers to engage in distractions like talking to each other.
  4. When their favorite song plays or their favorite music group is the one playing, workers’ moods tend to be better. Notice that even some people sing along with music and allows them to carry out their work easier.
  5. Productivity improves when employees listen to good music. People tend to feel better and can do more of the work. Music helps release trapped energy in the body.
  6. Playing music specially when the work is repetitive will help workers bear the boring tasks they need to finish.
  7. Many workers also report that playing music that they like reduces their fatigue. They are able to endure more physical work.
  8. Concentration is enhanced when great music is played, it lets your mind focus on the most important tasks and could even spark creativity and innovation.

Numerous studies have already been made by neurologists using music therapy further proves these benefits. You can even try doing this yourself by playing your favorite music and you can immediately feel the difference it makes.

There even cases when employees recall long forgotten ideas, or concepts while playing music. Music sparks brain functions that are dormant and can help heal parts of our brain according to experts.

So no matter what kind of music is played, whether rock, classical or hip hop- if it helps improve the mood, the workflow, output and efficiency in the work area, employers adn employees should tolerate it. Play great music, sounds that soothe and improves productivity. As long as everyone in the workplace finds it helpful and not distracting, it should become an acceptable practice.

Photo Credit: Getty Images