To make it simple- skills, knowledge and confidence in yourself are what you need to get your first FREELANCE WORK. Keep an inventory of what you can do and what you can offer to clients. You’ll be surprised to find out that there are things that you can do a lot of clients are willing to pay for. If you like drawing cartoons, you can become a freelance cartoonist. If you know how to do voice overs, which are quite common for school projects for the past couple of years, you can also find companies or businesses who might need your skill as a voice talent.

Let’s look at some of the most common freelancer roles right now:

  1. Writer. You can pursue this if you can write articles, blogs, social media posts, and copywriting (ad copy). Even facebook posts for business pages need a copywriter now. There are a lot of opportunities now for writers so its no longer to traditional means like books, tv or billboards. Most businesses who have online presence needs a writer one way or another.
  2. Web designer or web developer. Even if you’re working as a fulltime developer or designer for a company already, the demand for designers and developers are quite high. Some students who have already learned the skill to develop and design has also started taking this line of freelance work. Businesses owners who do not have time to create their own site or do not have a big budget to pay agencies to create for them will surely need someone of your skillset.
  3. Multimedia artist. Back then, graphic design and video editing & production were two separate skills. Now, more and more companies are looking for a skilled person who can do both. This position is in high demand since can do best of both worlds. A lot of businesses with online presence now needs a freelancer with this skillset.
  4. Social media marketing. If you’re fond of using social media to promote your own page or community, you can use this as an advantage when applying for your first paid social media marketing role. But this role is not as simple as it is, it requires a bit of copywriting skills, planning and compliance (calendar publication based on required day and time).
  5. Customer service. This is probably one of the most in-demand roles right now. Some companies even offer favorable schedules for students. This is not only limited to answering calls, but you can also provide chat and email support to their customers. With all the technology that we have today, that human connection is still essential. Communication skills is a must and the ability to follow certain standard operating protocols (per client) will be what employers will be looking for to fill in openings for this position.

These are just some of the popular freelancing jobs right now. Remember, you need the skills, knowledge (on how to apply it) and confidence in order to land on your first freelance work. Start looking for freelance work by typing the keyword “online freelance jobs” to figure out what kind of freelance jobs you can do with the skills that you already have.

The idea is to enter freelancing with the available skills you already have. You don’t have to learn a new skill in order to make it easier for you start earning and working on your own. But if you think it’s also time to learn a new skill, there’s always plenty of time for that.

Photo Credit: Getty Images