The BPO industry is currently one of the industries which remains strong despite the global pandemic. If you’re looking for a stable career, the BPO sector can definitely provide viable career options for you as a call center agent, chat and email representative, order processing agent or other leadership and support roles.

However, a lot of applicants in our local BPO industry may end up failing their applications due to the following reasons:

  1. Lack of technical KNOW HOW. Your ability to use modern day technology will definitely be considered during your application. Usage of computers, familiarity with smart devices (smart phone, cameras, etc.) and communication tools (chat and email) are some of the basic requirements.
  2. Lack of ability to converse in ENGLISH. English speaking skills and the lack of confidence to talk in a conversational way is the biggest barrier. Understanding the language is not enough. And yes, you need to be confident to be able to pass the initial interview until the final interview.If you lack this most important skill, no amount of training will help you get a job in a call center.So how do you become confident enough to pass the series of interviews and assessments?

Here are some tips on how to improve your confidence:

  • Read everthing that you can get your hands on about the BPO / Call Center industry. There are many articles and books that you can read. Or if you don’t particularly enjoy reading, you can also listen to career podcasts, or watch videos that share advice on how you can get a job in the BPO sector.
  • Get adequate training. there are offline and online training that you can enroll in. These training usually guides you and gives you the tools and skills that you need to be eligible to work as an agent.
  • Learn how to speak English better. Most call centers require you to speak in conversational English in order to communicate effectively. You don’t even need to adopt an American or foreign accent. Best way to learn and become comfortable in speaking English is to use it regularly. Talk to people in English. Watch and read English movies.
  • Be more technical. Learn all the basic software/ applications that you may use in an office setting. Again there are videos and information that you can consume on the internet. If you already own a smartphone, then most of the features and applications that you use there already operate in the technical environment. Don’t shy away from technology. Use it to improve your daily life and help you with your career options.
  • Multitask. You can start by becoming comfortable while using the computer and talking to people. You can even practice talking with a friend while typing to emulate how call center agents encode information while speaking with a customer.

Never stop improving yourself. Put some effort and work to become more confident to pursue a career in any new industry. By affirming that you can do it, eventually you can get hired for a BPO position. Just act accordingly and acknowledge the training that you need. BPO employers also provide the much needed training so you can learn everything you need to carry out your tasks well. Be open to talk people who are already in the industry and you can also learn from them on how to become part of the industry.

Photo Credit: Getty Images