Most jobseekers are not aware that there are specific traits that recruiters look for with their next hire depending on the position. You may not have all of it, but you should at least possess one of these traits and mention it when chance permits during your job interview. Avoid attending a job interview without really knowing the Traits that they might need for the employee who will be chosen for the role. Doing this may lead you to lose the opportunity for the role.

Here are the 6 Traits that most Recruiters look for:

  1. Teachable (Willing to be Taught and Learn). The workplace is an ever changing environment, if you want to get hired you must be able to demonstrate that you are trainable. Fast learners usually have the advantage when it comes to consuming and applying new information. So find ways for you to be more trainable, accept new concepts, ideas and information and always be ready to learn.
  2. Positive Attitude. You may have all the traits that recruiters are looking for- communication skills, leadership skills, a great team player, highly trainable. But if you don’t have a desirable attitude you may still not pass the interview. So be polite and show your true good self.
  3. Team Player. Being a team team player means you need to collaborate efficiently with the rest of the group not just with one or two other members. You also need to share ideas, and motivate each other to complete difficult tasks or projects.
  4. Can work alone (Independent) when needed. Although you are expected to contribute with the group, you are also expected to do things on your own with minimal supervion when it’s called for. A good employee can follow instructions carefully and diligently in order to succeed in any industry.
  5. Possess Leadership Qualities. Although not everyone is fit to be a leader, it’s a possible trait that a recruiter is looking for depending on the position that you’re applying for. Be more articulate about your management skills if you already posess it. You can also cite an instance when you demonstrated it. Don’t be afraid to share examples when you displayed commendable leadership qualities when given the chance.
  6. Good Communication Skills. It’s a good idea to improve your aptitude in these three aspects- Speaking, writing, and comprehension skills. These are the most important things that a recruiter is looking for with their potential new hires.

We hope that these tips helped you to identify your areas of improvement. You can work on these skills one at a time or ask for help from a professional. You may even read books, attend seminars, workshops or online classes to learn more and be elligible to work.

Photo Credit: Getty Images