There is no secret to happiness. There are people who always willing to give and are always happy to do so. But what drives them to do it? For sure they are getting something out of the act. Is it payment in exchange of their services or are they may simply be glad to be of service to others?

Whatever the reasons are, there are more benefits to become a GIVER:

  1. It feels good. When you give something especially to those who can not pay you back, you feel a sense of delight from the act of giving. Neurological chemicals like dopamine and serotonin are released in the brain that gives the giver a sense of well being. That’s why generous people are mostly happy.
  2. Healthier. It is said that givers usually experience lower blood pressure, reduced stress levels, less depression, no worries and higher self esteem. So if you’re suffering from elevated blood pressure, it’s commonly advised by health professionals to practice giving a little of whatever you have each day. This can be material things, time or love. It’s easy to do that now especially with social media- you can simply click the like, heart, or care button on social media platform to give some form of digital love to others.
  3. Confidence. When you voluntarily help others, there is a portion of the brain called the mesombilic system that gets activated. It is the part that ignites when you give a helping hand. When you see a co-worker carry a heap of paper work, you can probably offer to help him or her carry the load. The simple act of opening a door for a customer or a co-employee can boost these chemicals in the brain. The more you give, the more you feel confident about acting in the same manner that can allow you to continue similar acts that leads to higher self esteem.
  4. Connected. Once you start sharing your gifts to those around you will start to feel that you are more in tune the feelings of people. You become more sensitive to their needs and feel better about yourself the more you give time and share what you have. Being connected with your co workers and the poeple around will help you see your real purpose in life. You may discover something new about yourself. Usually these are good aspects of your personality. You may find out that you like teaching or informing people about certain topics. Whatever your experience may be when connecting with people, just enjoy the experience and you will begin to see the good that comes from it.
  5. Receive more. You don’t have to expect something in return when you give your time, your knowledge or any material posessions. But you should also be open to receiving otherwise you are deflecting the blessings that are coming from others. You may receive a smile, a thank you, small tokens of appreciation or a simple nod. Whatever you receive from the people that you helped, you must learn to accept what they give you in return to keep the connection. Remember that when you give you will also receive (but never expect), so be open to receiving when chance permits.
  6. Happier. At work, you can practice giving by sharing your food, or even helping out a colleague who is having difficulty finish a task. You may even volunteer to create a project that no one is willing to do. You can allocate a few hours of your time each day to complete the project and before you know it is done. There surely is something that you are good at. You can contribute your skills and talents to your organization or you may even teach what you know to young people in your community to give them a sense of happines and better outlook in life. When you smiles of other people, you will also wear the same smile.

The feeling of accomplishment is one of the by product of being generous. When you give your time, skills and knowledge to people around you or even through the internet by providing helpful information to people that they can use, you will start feeling that you have are making a difference. Being able to contribute and help other people can also help you become better with your work. It can make you strive harder to provide more to the people that you are already serving.


Photo Credit: Getty Images