People who have a background in computer programming are already familiar with Garbage In Garbage Out since it is a computer terminology. But, you can actually also apply it in real life with our jobs and even personal lives. Few people actually recognize the power of this computer terminology, so who are these people? They are usually the ones who are successful in their respective fields and personal lives. So if you are able to apply it in your own life, you will also be able to improve your life as well.

Garbage in, garbage out (GIGO) is the concept that flawed, or input data produces, and when the nonsense output data is spilled out. In all aspects of life and work, if you apply GIGO you will have better results BUT only if you put in great, important, useful information in your mind first. It is a complex practice in computer science, but to put it in simple terms-

The best practice we can learn from GIGO is that we should recognize and only absorb valid input or useful information before accepting it.

In our lives, we put a lot of time with our relationships by pouring in love and care, giving the person you are with valuable time and truly investing in the person will have fabulous results.

And with our jobs- if we put in our best efforts, we have to do it with all our strength and intelligence. We put in thousands of hours and give our utmost concern to our work which allows us to reap the rewards in the future.

Here are six things that you need to do in your job to get better results~

  1. Develop your mind. Read articles, books, take courses, talk to people who are professional in your field. You will be developing your mind quicker than anyone else in your department especially if the people in your organization do not nurture their mind. So make it a habit to feed your mind with great information and not run off the mill information. Get information that matters, to you and to the industry that you are in.
  2. Observe your progress. Reading is not enough; you need to track your progress, how much have you read? Who are you reading? And what will you read next? Answer these questions everyday to keep track of what you are consuming and to ensure that your are putting in great material in your thougths and not just any mediocre time wasters that you can use which will not help you move up.
  3. Organize your thoughts. It’s important to have a list of things that you need to do every day for you to finish your tasks, and it’s also important to list the things that you are thinking of everyday to dump your thoughts on paper. Writing helps clear your mind. It could be in paragraph form or list form. Writing your thoughts can help you think better and give a physical representation to your thoughts. You may also put categories when writing down your thoughts, draw 3 lines on a sheet of paper and on top write personal, work, etc. In the personal column write your personal thoughts, in the work column write your thoughts about your job, and on the last column that’s where you put anything that comes to mind.
  4. Connect with like minded people. That is the purpose of clubs, organizations and public groups. This is where people meet and talk about their interest. When you are with people who share the same interest and passion, you will grow even more. You will pick up information, tactics and ways that have not been considered or thought about before. So try to find like minded people to join in the discussion or simply listen or read their comments online. Now, it has become easier to find like minded people because of the internet. Or you can even start your own group and encourage others to participate in the discussion.
  5. Use great tools. Tools are essential to assist you with your job. There are different set of tools for different jobs. It could be called an instruments for musicians to perform their music, medical diagnostic equipment for doctors to treat their patients, Seismometers or seismographs for seismologists to find out the intensity of earthquakes. Find out the kind of tools you need for you to properly do your job and excel in it.
  6. Milestones. Celebrate your success because it keeps you from burning out. It resets your thermostat so you don’t overheat and eventually get tired of what you are doing. When you stop and honor your accomplishments you acknowledge your baby steps and you also must regroup and focus more on the things that are working for you. If you find that you like reading books on marketing , continue doing so and add other topics like online selling, business management, etc. to the list of articles, books, and materials that you need to read in the future. You can treat yourself to a piece of candy, a cup of ice cream or buy a small item that makes you happy, it doesn’t have to be something expensive.

Keep on doing what you are doing until you see the difference in the way you perform your job. Remember that you become the person based on the important, great and useful information that you invested in your mind. But even if you don’t immediately see the change in your work, you will find that your attitude towards work will change as you do the right things. When you put good things in your mind, by reading useful materials, listening to smart podcasts or watching helpful videos- this can greatly help you improve your skills. You will become become a good and competent employee and person as a whole.