It’s so easy to point fingers when things don’t go in your favor. But taking full responsibility for your actions and your decisions is a good sign of professionalism and maturity. While some may have already gotten used to putting the blame to others when things go south, if you’re someone who would like to earn the respect of your colleagues, you should be finding ways on to be more accountable at work.

Here are nine things that you should consider to develop more accountability and responsibility in your career:

  1. Start with yourself by believing this statement– “Because I’m the one who decided on what path I should take, then I’m the one accountable for what happens or does not happen in my career.”
  2. Always remember that you are the person in charge of your life and your actions. But don’t be too hard on yourself. Just realize that no one is going to fix challenges that you encounter but yourself.
  3. Avoid blaming the people around you- your co-workers, your suppliers, or your boss. Look at the situation from all angles and see what you can do with the situation. There is usually something that you can do within your sphere of influence to fix the issue or alleviate any bad situation.
  4. Avoid complaining. When you complain you block good ideas. Ideas that can help you correct what is wrong will start flowing when you stop complaining, try it and see the difference.
  5. Remember that even if you committed a mistake- it’s nothing personal, it’s work. Learn from your mistakes and do your best next time.
  6. Work with a happy heart and a clear mind. This will allow you to do amazing things. People around you will become more cooperative and friendly when have this healthy disposition.
  7. Pay more attention to the present. It will be easier for you to accept your misgivings and you will be able to correct issues easily.
  8. Be intentional with the things that you do at work. Think first before doing something. Ask yourself if it’s the best for everyone, the company and your customers.
  9. Accept that you are in control of your thoughts, actions and decisions. It will be easy for you to take on anything that comes your way. It will be easier for you to move on even if there are setback and disappointments.

You can tackle greater things regardless of whatever difficulty you face in your career. Overcoming obstacles will make you stronger and develop your self-confidence in dealing with those type of situations. Instead of seeking help and looking for somebody else to blame, you should develop a habit of owning the responsibility for your decisions and actions.


Photo Credit: Getty Images