Wasting time is a common mistake that most people do. We usually spend our limited time on things that are not important like taking excessive breaks or lunch breaks. We even sometimes get lost while browsing online to research for work related information. There are plenty of possible distractions especially in the digital world where live in now.

The ability to stay focused on what we intend to really do is more crucial now that most of the information that we need is readily available.

The good news is, we can start using our time wisely by tracking it. This will allow you to be more conscious about it. You can effectively use it to do your job instead of consuming it with unproductive activities that does not give you anything in return at the end of the day.

Keep track of your time

Start being conscious about the things that you are doing. Carefully track it by writing it on a piece of paper or even on your computer notepad application. When you start doing this, you will find out that instead of mindlessly looking at a facebook post for the past 30mins, you have been productively consuming your time instead learning a new skill or gathering the information that you need for your work. Distractions will vary from one individual to another, but all of us know which one really causes us to lose our focus.

You may even use time tracking apps online or offline so you can find out where your time goes. Or you could use the old fashion alarm clock on your mobile phone to remind you to do an important task on a specific time.

When you start become concious of where your time goes, you can start to manage your time to effectively use it wisely.

Manage your time

You may start by setting your goals properly make it easy to start, easy to do, and have a specific time you are expected to finish your task or project.

It’s easy to use up all your time preparing or researching for the project. Set time limits for each task you need to do. Finish it on time, or otherwise you may spend to much time on tasks that will not help you finish what you have started. Which task are important or urgent. Segregate them and do what is on the top of your list or do what needs to be done immediately.

Eliminate tasks that will not help you accomplish your goal, sometimes you do not realize that you’re doing something that will not help finish your goals. Be careful of time wasters and unecessary things that you do during the day that’s why it’s important to track what you are doing every hour or every 30 minutes to be aware of where your time is going.

Time blocking

You can block your time. For example, let everybody know that you are doing payroll every 10th and 25th of the month and must not be disturbed no matter what happens. Or you can have also allocate a series of activities that you do during particular times of the day and that you do them no matter what happens.


These are time management tips that you can use to finish your job on time. If you have an effective time management tip that others can use, please share it below as well.