Everybody admires a good leader, but we rarely break down all the reasons why look up to some leaders in our current or previous organizations. We compiled the best practices of leaders who made their organizations not just stand out but as a living testimony that there GREAT leaders in any industry. Some of the common traits are usually having an impeccable character, compassion for their people, and that they are well respected because they are competent and know what they are doing.

We compiled these for you can use them as a reference on how you can mold yourself to become a GREAT Leader as well. Here are 27 of the Most Common Traits of Great Leaders in any Industry:

  1. Takes Accountability
  2. Knows his/her industry thoroughly and knows what it takes to win
  3. Continuously learns
  4. Able to make wise decisions
  5. Knows how to manage people and time
  6. Able to set standards to follow
  7. Surrounds themselves with people who can deliver what they promised
  8. Has impeccable character
  9. Empowers Employees to lead and create on their own
  10. Consistent with his thoughts and actions
  11. Accommodates everyone no matter how little their contribution or rank is in the organization
  12. Thankful for the contributions of team members
  13. Has Compassion (ability to care to people)
  14. Has Empathy (ability to relate for people)
  15. Teaches others instead of reprimanding them
  16. Mindful of subordinates financial and emotional health
  17. Motivates people to do their best
  18. Encourages employees to be better
  19. Fair with their decisions and how they treat people
  20. Listens to suggestions and then decides
  21. Shows Kindness towards others
  22. Seeks to understand first before asking to be understood
  23. Respects all Employees
  24. Considers his team as his community
  25. Connects with employees
  26. Mentors and develop others
  27. Relevant

We all need reminders on to we can properly execute and steer the organization towards the proper direction. We have outlined these traits to give you a list of things that you can strive for if you want to become a leader that everyone will look up to. It can also act as a check list for current leaders who are navigating the complicated world of business.

If we missed a some characteristics of a not just good but Great Leader, please don’t hesitate to mention them in the comment box below.


Photo Credit: Getty Images