A lot of us stopped reading the day when we graduated from school. Probably because we no longer need to study or fulfill our academic requirements. We only stopped because it’s no longer required. However, we’re actually missing on a lot beneficial things when we stop reading.

Most successful people read. The founder of Berkshire Hathaway, Warrent Buffet, reads more than 5 hours a day to be able to wisely decide on business matters.

Fact of the matter is- reading does not only happen with a book. You could actually read an informative article about your industry everyday to enhance your knowledge and stay aware of the latest changes and developments.

You can also read about the kind of work your colleagues are doing in order to bridge the gap. Read to understand the nature of their work. Or you can also read about the important nature of the business that you’re part of such as the latest labor law changes if you’re in the recruitment industry, or even the agriculture importation challenges if you’re in the food industry.

When you don’t read, you get left behind. You miss the chance to share important information to your colleagues if you don’t read resulting in a missed opportunity for your chance to network with like minded individuals in your field or organization.

Not reading can also weaken your core beliefs and values. You need to nurture your core beliefs by reading materials on topics that you find yourself in.

Reading increases your will power to carry important tasks and even allows you to discover similar situations from other people especially on how they were able to overcome it.

If you want to remain creative and continually spark your imagination, you also need to regularly read. It’s the fuel that ignites your inner genius.

It’s also fun to read an exciting story, it also gives you an opportunity to grow, especially if you are reading a non fiction book in your field.

According to experts, stress is a constant thing in the workplace but if you develop the habit of reading it can help lessen the tension. This can greatly help you relax and take your thoughts off things momentarily which can give you a fresh perspective.

These are some of the benefits of reading. It’s easier  said than done but the earlier that you choose to  develop the habit of reading, the earlier you’ll experience its benefits. So what is it going to be? Will you be reading  to learn information about your industry, to improve your skills or simply for your enjoyment? You can always choose to do all.