Most of us are already familiar with Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and other applications that we also used in school as students. But there are also other tools at work that you can use that you may not be aware of.  These tools are very useful and best part is, they are FREE to use.

Here are the tools that you can use to help you do perform your job better:

  1. GOOGLE Alerts. We all know how useful Google’s search engine is. It is a popular tool to search for information. But did you know that there is a Google feature that will alert you of new information on the internet? It’s been around for a long time, but you may not be using it. You can add words, phrases, or even sentences that Google will capture for you. It can send you email alerts about that topic that you use in your job, especially if your job needs you to be informed of new issues and information all the time.
  2. Trello. It gained popularirty among programmers and project managers but this simple free tool can help you organize your thoughts, make lists, schedule tasks, and many more. All you need to do is drag your list wherever you want it. It works like a digital post-it note.
  3. Grammarly. This is another tool that you can use when writing letters, articles, and even memos. It checks for overused words, spelling, and, proper use of grammar. It is highly beneficial when you are trying to write a long letter or an article. We actually use it as well to create the draft of  article or a letter on this app before submitting or posting it to minimize mistakes.
  4. Canva. Use this to create marketing banners and even short video clips for your business. Not everything is free to use with this application but it gives you the essential design concepts to get started with. Very useful for people in sales and marketing and doesn’t have a complete team. This can greatly help in creating materials to support your social media campaigns or even traditional ones like event promotions, brochures, etc.
  5. LastPass. Protect all your password under one APP. It holds all your passwords in one place and keeps them secure. Yes, there is a free version, which is very safe, according to the experts who reviewed it.

There are probably hundreds of other free tools that you can use for your work. These are the ones that we use regularly for our job but will find dozens of other useful tools with your current job. And don’t forget. There are also APPS built for your mobile phones which you can take advantage to help you manage your time and overall efficiency. Although most free apps tend to ask you to upgrade get all other features, their core services will usually already do the job.  Try them, and I’m sure they will help you with your work.

Make the best out of available technology. Let them work to your benefit if you want to increase your productivity. If you know any other free or paid tools please feel free to share them below.