It’s that time of the year when most of job applicants flock on job portals and recruitment desks to apply for job opportunities. We already heard a lot of experts say that you need to prepare for your job interview in order to increase your chances of success. We rounded up the essential things that you need to prepare for in order help you land on your applications sooner than later.

Here’s a checklist of the 10 Important Things that you need to prepare for:

  1. Your Resume. Not only produce multiple copies, make to update it. Tailor fit your resume to the job that you are applying for. Decide if you want to include a header for example, Tenured Call Center Agent, Published Writer or Established Sales Officer.
  2. Do your Research about the Company. You can get a lot of information on the website of the company, but don’t forget that you can also get more information from the people who work there. You may want to informally interview employees from the company or post a question on online groups or forums to find additional information about the business.
  3. Ready your questions. Have a list of possible questions that you can ask the recruiter. You don’t have to memorize it, just have them ready in case you are asked if you have any questions. Or you may even ask these questions, after you have answered the interviewer’s questions.
  4. Practice your answers. Go through all the possible questions and formulate your answers accordingly.  Make sure to sound natural when you deliver your responses. Avoid sounding like you memorized your answers otherwise you will sound too rehearsed. Don’t memorize your sentences but know what the key phrases and keywords are for your responses to make yourself sound more natural.
  5. Clear your schedule. A few days before your interview, you might need to cancel your personal appointments and meetings. Learn to say no to not so important events, or simply reschedule them if possible to give way to your job interview.
  6. Rest Well. Job interviews will require a lot of positive energy and can be stressful for most people. Many applicants don’t get enough sleep because they are too nervous or excited about the job interview. Try to get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep before the day itself. Avoid using your mobile phone before you go to sleep in order to regulate your brain activity and get that much needed.
  7. Quiet your Mind. Find a way to relax your mind. One tip that may help is to exercise, you may walk around the block or do your usual exercise routine to clear your mind and relax your mind and body. Unload your thoughts or worries. You may also listen to soothing music, and take a deep breath to relax your mind and body.
  8. Eat right. Don’t forget to eat breakfast or lunch a few hours before the interview takes place. You need to have some energy reserves to answer the questions properly. But you must not eat a few minutes before your interview, or eat too much to avoid an upset stomach or feeling sleepy during your interview.
  9. Bring your portfolio. Whether you’re going on site or just getting interviewed virtually, always keep your portfolio ready and within arm’s reach. Print a copy if needed or store it on a flash drive or folder in your own computer so you can easily access and show it.
  10. Look your Best. Whether it is an online meet or a face to face interview, you still need to look your best. Wear professional clothing that fits you. Grooming also plays a big role, shave if you have to, or go see a hairstylist to have a hair cut. For the ladies avoid too much make up and don’t forget to wear a smile.

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