When I started interviewing people for the PhilJobNet Podcast, one of our first guests was a Postman. I asked him if he ever thought of leaving his job and try looking for a different one. He immediately said “No”, with a firm voice and without any further explanation of why he never tried other careers.

He strongly reminded me of that day when I met him while I am writing this article. It’s probably because his response was a clear example of what I’ll share here on why you need to find your purpose as an Employee.

Mr. Postman Sounded Really Happy

He sounded really satisfied with what he is doing with his life. He did not belittle his purpose by saying that he only delivers letters, notices, and postcards. But he said that he was happy and content about what he is with a grateful tone of voice. (“Masaya ako sa aking trabaho at kontento ako.”)

As a worker or future worker with your chosen career path, will you be able to say the same thing?  If you did not pause for a second and clearly said, YES, then you’re probably on the right track. Being able to do your job while carrying a smile in your face is one of the first steps in finding your purpose in work or in life.

People who already found their purpose at work are already happy with what they’re doing. No matter if they’re already doing it for long periods of time. They may or may not impact many people with their work, but they continue to serve and help them without thinking that they should be doing something else. They are the ones who found the meaning and importance of what they are doing no matter how small and insignificant their duties may be.

For them it doesn’t matter if they are being paid or not. It’s about providing the service. And this is the only thing that matters. They give their best output every time with their work.

What To Do if you’re still Searching for your Purpose

What Inspires You?

Reflect and think about what makes you happy. What makes you feel alive, connected and empowered while doing your job. Take time to answer this question especially if you have not found your purpose at work yet.

Think about what motivates you to work. It can be specific task with your existing work. Or probably an acitivity that you love doing while you were in school. Is it interacting with the people? Is it providing information to customers that they can use to make their lives better? Or perhaps do you like to teach and help your co-workers or classmates before?

What do you like doing at work? What are the job and accomplishments that you are most proud of?

You may find your purpose where you can help people and make a positive impact. Analyze how you answer this question and you will eventually find what you like and love doing. You will find your purpose there. Just like the postman who simply said “No”, when asked if he wants to find a different job, you will eventually find happiness and purpose in your job and answer the same way when someone asks you the same question later in your life.