If finding a job before was hard, it’s even harder for many of us now that we are in the midst of the pandemic. Many companies have closed or have retrenched, and those who are looking for people to hire and help them with their chores and projects will be looking for the best of the best in order to survive the present crisis.

Here are some of the things you need to remember during an interview to make a great impression.

1. Ask questions too, be assertive. A job interview should not be a one way street. However, your questions should be directly about the job that you are applying for or about the role and add bits of information how you can be of use to the company in case you got hired.

2. Give specific examples. Examples are a great way of showing that you have done a particular job in the past. Provide a real life example of what you did in the past that you can relate to the job that you are being interviewed for.

3. Be prepared with examples of your work. Bring proof of your accomplishments if you have written a book or created an app. Bring it with you or at least have samples or links to what you have done. It’s a proof that you are the real thing and you can do what you promise them.

4. Find out what the company wants. This goes beyond the research and the company tips that we usually suggest. It may take a phone call or inside information in order to truly discover what an organization really needs, and once you figure that out you could provide your services and convince yourself that you can do the job.

5. Be willing to unlearn what you know. Undoing what you know may be harder than learning something new. It takes humility and courage to put out something that has already taken years to master. So, if you are willing to unlearn things that you already know you may have the advantage over people who are not willing to do so.

6. Act enthusiastic. Enthusiasm is uncommon among job applicants. If you can make the recruiter feel that you are excited about the job and you have a clear idea of what you are going to do when you step in, you will have an edge among the other applicants.

7. Reinvent yourself in order to rise above the crowd. We are not saying that you are not. Tap into things in your past or learn something new that you can add to your present skills to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack. You can be a teacher and get an online job being an online English tutor. But, in order to do that you need to have something to show or prove that no one else can provide the skill. For example, you can also speak Japanese aside from teaching English.

Job hunting during the pandemic crisis is challenging, and you might lose confidence to land your dream job. But, if you are consistently applying everyday, chances are you will get a job. This is really a time to strive and be the best jobseeker you can.


Written by Oliver Villaverde for PhilJobNet