It sounds like a trick question but it’s not. Many job applicants are having a hard time answering this question correctly especially if you concentrate too much in giving one negative instance in your career to define your weakness. That could cost a candidate to lose a good job opportunity because revealing your negative trait isn’t what the Recruiter is really after when asking this question.
You may be caught off guard and may not be able to answer it at all if you’re not aware how to respond to this question. Or worst, you might disclose something that can cost you the job opportunity.
When you avoid answering the question some interviewers may think that you are hiding something. But when you answer it, you may accidentally reveal an instance in your career that may end up unfavorable for your application.
So how are you really supposed to answer this difficult question?
Here are a few things that Recruitment Experts suggest:
  1. Turn the negative into a positive. For example, you don’t eat or forget to do so when you have a pending project. This may be a negative thing because your health may eventually suffer but it is also a positive trait because it means that you are an extremely focused employee. Someone who wants to get things done.
  2. Be honest. Don’t invent a weakness just to impress the interviewer, they could sense a fabricated weakness a mile away. Just be honest about your weakness that’s it.
  3. Your weakness should have a corresponding solution. You need to be conscious of your weakness but at the same time you also need to be doing something about it, you should have an action plan to address your weakness.
Be careful when answering this particular question, it’s always better to think before you answer. Prepare for the interview and ask yourself the question “What is your weakness”. Do not memorize your answer but at least have a few possible responses to this question.
Written by Oliver Villaverde for PhilJobNet