We usually get excited when starting a new project, task, or online class. But we slowly lose interest after a few days or weeks especially when we start encountering disagreements or challenges in it.

Is it because we lost interest in the project, task, or online class itself? Maybe. It’s hard to keep you involved in doing projects or tasks if you’re no longer interested.

But if you’re still interested in it, what you need is to exercise your commitment to the task by keeping a healthy schedule to keep you glued to the project, tasks or online class.

Here are some of the benefits of keeping a schedule~


Tasks become more comfortable to perform because you know what to do with your time. These tasks will also seem less complicated. You can do more at a specific time when you do a task or activity. Keeping it as a part of your routine will make it feel natural which can even become muscle memory.


It becomes a habit once you practice doing a task at a scheduled time as you develop a positive pattern of doing the same thing at the same time. You will no longer ask questions as to why you’re doing it but simply carry out the task wholeheartedly.

Fewer Distractions

People around you will slowly become aware of your schedule. You can also tell them what you’re doing at a particular time for them to avoid disturbing you. Your family or co-workers will not bother you during the “block time” that you have chosen for yourself. Especially when they see that you are busy working on something.

Finish your tasks on time

As you carry out your activities during a particular time each day, you eventually become better at what you do and get to accomplish more. You will also be able to finish and wrap up earlier which can give you more time to do other meaningful things.


There’s no better feeling than the sense of fulfillment when you go to complete the tasks which you have in your daily schedule. You can also reward your hourly or daily accomplishments by treating yourself with what you enjoy doing the most like eating snacks or watching your favorite tv series show or Youtube channel.

The most important rewarding effects of this habit formation is to make yourself happy with what you’re doing. Don’t ever feel that you are forcing yourself to do the task or project in the beginning. The key here is to perform it regularly at your chosen time, so you can experience a feeling of delight and accomplishment. Try it and see if works for you. Hopefully these suggestions can make a difference in your life and work.