There are times when you suddenly lose focus while working. This happens a lot when you get distracted by thinking of what to do for your weekend, what you’ll eat for lunch or probably something else like your hobby or favorite shows on tv.

These distractions were only made worse by social media. We are now constantly bombarded with information which we mindlessly consume as soon as we open our news feed.

You probably already know that the best way to avoid distractions in your own workspace is to refrain from using social media. Aside from doing non-work related activities, here are a few things that you can also do to free yourself from distractions~

Relax your Mind

You can easily relax your mind by focusing on what you’re doing. Avoid distractions such as listening to music with a lot of lyrics. If you like listening to music while working, try listening to instrumentals, calm or classical music. A few pop songs without too many lyrics can also work for you, as long as it doesnt distract your mind from thinking about something else when you hear the words.

Declutter your Workspace

According to Albert Einstein, “a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind…” Organize your workstation so you can have a proper place for the most important tools for work. Set aside things that can also distract you. Some objects can also be distracting such as restaurant flyers, magazines, and even appointment calendars.

Observe your movement

One way to practice being mindful is to observe how you do each task. For example, the way your fingers touch the keyboard. Notice how you make your strokes in each of the keys. Do you type softly or vigorously on the keyboard? Observing how you handle your tools can give you a deeper connection with what you’re doing.

Breathing exercises

Practice inhaling for five seconds. Hold it for two seconds and then exhale for six seconds or longer. You can do this without anyone noticing. Try it. It really helps to relieve stress and worry. This is especially beneficial when you have a hectic work schedule.

Take a walk

You may want to walk instead of taking the usual public transport at times. Take short walks at work, a short bio break can also help to. You may even walk around for 10 to 15 minutes before you eat your lunch. This can help you refocus your energy and prepare you for work.


You don’t have to enroll in a yoga class or consume hours to meditate. You can dedicate a few minutes during your lunch break to do it. There are meditation exercises that only takes 20 minutes. You could do a quick search online to see a lot of meditation practices. Listening to sounds from nature, such as beach waves and the rain forest, or classical music can greatly improve the effectiveness and help you refocus your energy for work again afterwards.


Be mindful about what you managed to accomplish during the day. Take note of all the things that you have accomplished. This is not supposed to be a new to-do list for tomorrow. Whether you have big or small accomplishments, they are victories that you can win every day. Mindfulness requires that you are in full control and that you acknowledge all the actions that you do for the day. Everything will fall in place when you have this mindset.