Have you ever experienced doing an activity where you completely lost track of time? This is an experience which we call the state of flow.

According to experts, flow is in the middle of anxiety and boredom. When you are performing or doing something that is not too easy and not so hard, you get into a flow state. Time simply passes by when you’re in this state. It can be experienced individually or by a group of people.

Individuals who usually go in a state of flow are doctors, surgeons in particular. When they perform a surgery, they typically don’t notice that time passes by. Musicians are no strangers to this experience as well. When they rehearse, they hardly notice that hours have passed when they practice their songs.


You have also already experienced this state of flow yourself but are completely unaware of it.

Have you ever watched or played a game when you completely lost track of time? Sports enthusiasts, athletes and even e-sports players (competitive gamers) are highly accustomed to this when they practice or play their favorite games.

You can also get in a state of flow when you talk or chat on the phone for hours until you suddenly feel tired.

This is a common experience which we share with others. Unknown to many, there are many advantages if we channel this state and apply it with our own line of work. You can greatly increase your productivity in the same amount of time.

How do Professionals do it?

Amazon and Google employees have claimed that they often experience being in this state of mind, which is why over the years their overall profitability has also increased. In both companies, employees are encouraged to be creative and enjoy their work. Productivity increases when employees are in a constant state of flow. But how can you, as an employee, find your flow?



  • Eliminate all kinds of distractions. You may go to a quiet place in the office, turn off your mobile phone, log out of your social media accounts, and refrain from checking your email.
  • Find a task that you love doing. Although it may be difficult to find a task that you love doing when you do repetitive work, there could be a part of your job that you enjoy doing; focus your efforts there. The task must be challenging but not too hard it must also be valuable to the organization and to you; otherwise, you will get bored and may not be able to perform at your peak.
  • Set a schedule for doing the task that you love at a specific time. It could be early in the morning before everyone is in, during lunch while everyone is eating, or even after work.
  • Be ready when you are about to do the task. You should have eaten but not too much, and have done everything that may require your undivided attention because you want to focus only on your chosen task.

It will take some practice before you can consistently experience the state of flow. Be patient, in time you will be able to easily put yourself in this state of mind. When time begins to pass quickly and you start accomplishing more in a little amount of time, then you can say that you have found your flow.