Have you heard of Michael Larson? He is a simple guy who won 100 thousand dollars (5 million pesos) in the hit 1980’s game show, ‘Press Your Luck’. During that time, winning that large amount of money in a game show was still unheard of. So what is so special about Michael Larson? He was just an ordinary guy- who drives an ice cream truck.

Michael Larson playing the Press Your Luck TV gameshow in 1984

Although what was extraordinary about Michael was his ability to easily memorize the patterns. He accurately predicted where the lights would stop (as seen in the photo above), which was a key component in order for you to win. This greatly increased his chances of winning that huge sum. The producers of the show at that time cannot believe what just happened. For years of running of the show, it was the first time that a contestant won that much money. So to make sure that there was no cheating that took place, they decided to review the show frame by frame. They found out that Michael was able to figure out the pattern of the game.

So, did he win the game fair and square? Yes! Because he followed all the rules.

Let’s be like Michael

Michael figured out how to PLAY and WIN. This is no different when it comes to life and work. If you know how to overcome the obstacles, you will eventually WIN. He knew something that the other contestants didn’t know. He figured a way to win the game, while still playing by the rules. That’s why eventually the game show producers had no choice but to give him the money.

In life, there are things that we can do to in order to win. These are the core mechanics in order for you to win~

In life, there are things that we can do to in order to win. These are the core mechanics in order for you to win~

  1. Eat healthy or otherwise, you get sick.
  2. Follow traffic regulations or otherwise, you may get in an accident.
  3. Pay your dues and taxes on time to avoid penalties.
  4. Sleep early so you can wake up early.
  5. Always leave early to avoid being late.
  6. Do your job properly to keep your job and get better opportunities. The same goes in doing other things.
  7. Be kind to people. No matter who they are.

Winning is Playing by the Rules

There are plenty of people who were already able to figure out how to win in life and work. No one can say that its easy. But a lot of us have already figured out what these rules are. We just gave you the breakdown of these rules- now it’s your turn to just play the game.

Follow the rules. Be consistent in doing what is required of you. And always exceed expectations. If you want to win in the game of life, you need to do some extra work consistently and diligently.

Do all these within the boundaries and guidelines of your organization. Make the right decisions. Come up with some initiatives that will help the company.

We look forward seeing you go back to this article a few years from now to tell us that you’re also winning in life and work by following these rules.


Written by Oliver Villaverde for PhilJobNet