You may find it really hard to know someone who can readily admit a mistake that they made. Even when you’re genuinely at fault, you still find it hard sometimes to admit it, and it becomes more difficult if you try to admit your mistakes to someone else.

But there are people who can easily admit that they did something wrong. They are no doubt, hard to find, but there are those who have embraced this in order to make them a better person.

By human nature, we would always like to think that we are always correct. Perhaps it’s part of our survival instinct, but no one really knows why we’re more inclined to assert that we’re the one who is speaking the truth.

Admission of one’s fault is difficult because we are inclined to think that we are always right. In reality, we just don’t like to face, recognize or understand REALITY.

By learning how to admit your faults, you start your journey in becoming a better person- and a valuable employee of any Organization. You could do the following 5 healthy ways of admitting your faults so you can become a better person:

  1. Discussion instead of Arguments. Instead of arguing about who’s right, you can ask for recommendations and do it differently the next time that you’re given the task.
  2. Being Objective. The initial human reaction is to deny the mistake, because we tend to take it as a personal attack. By learning how to look at situations objectively, we begin to see different possibilities and become more capable to understand things better.
  3. Learn more about what really went wrong. By not accepting our mistakes, we end up not seeing the whole picture. If it’s possible to see what happened in the video or have a detailed report to assist you- or someone tell you more details about the incident, you can prevent the same mishap from happening again.
  4. Acceptance. You probably heard this works for personal relationships. It does as well for your career. There is no sense in trying to defend yourself when you know for a fact that you were at fault.
  5. Conscious Effort to Reconcile Mistakes. You can attend product or service trainings, read books or attend seminars- or any activity to make you better equipped to do the job. If you committed the mistake because of a lack of skills or knowledge, then you can improve yourself by learning more about that particular skill. If your mistake involved people management, you can attend leadership trainings or even learn from mentors.

Try these 5 ways to mold yourself into openly admitting that you made a mistake. Let us know if it helped you and please feel free to share this article to your friends and relatives.


Written by Oliver Villaverde for PhilJobNet