As the coronavirus epidemic rises, employees are all working from home. And as a recruiter, you need to find ways to reach job seekers in your recruitment process.

A common technique that many companies are using nowadays is to invite applicants for a phone call interview to screen candidates.

Through this phone interview, you can discuss the job opportunity, determine if the candidate is a good fit, and assess how well suited they are to the company environment. Recruiters use this to ensure that the applicants have a genuine interest in the company and the role.

If the job doesn’t necessary need soft skills, you will at least be able to assess their communication skills and prepare questions for the actual interview.

These are some of the ways that you could use to continue recruiting talents amid the global pandemic:

1. Linkedin is a popular job portal among job seekers and recruiters. You could quickly screen potential applicants and see their profile. As you view the profiles of the job seekers, you could easily reach out and inform them about the job opening. You could also join groups that will help you reach the demographics that you are trying to penetrate.

2. Job Portals like PhilJobNet,, and CareerBuilder can help you find specific job applicants that you need. They have jobseeker search capabilities that you can utilize to tap their vast database.

3. Video Chat using your choice of website can also be used to screen job seekers. You could analyze the body language of the job applicant while on video chat, just like a face to face interview. You could see how they present themselves and assess their skills (eg. communication skills).

While almost everyone is working from home, you could start using these technologies to recruit and eventually hire employees.

There are many applications and websites that you could use to screen job applicants. And, you just need to find which ones fit your requirements.

We hope this article helps you find ways to recruit employees while working from home. Please share it to other recruiters if you think this can help them as well.



Written by Oliver Villaverde