There are things you might do in a job interview that would increase the odds or chances of getting your dream job. Take note of the following:

1. Be yourself.

Be brave in showing who you truly are.

If you want to be funny or jolly, it wouldn’t hurt if you inject humor in an interview. But still, a job interview is a serious matter. Jokes are okay, be funny or have fun with your answers if possible. Maybe, your sense of humor can actually help you land a job. And, don’t be so stiff when you answer the questions of the recruiter.

2. Show what you got!

Talk about yourself in a way that could relate to the job that you would like to get.

Tell them about your past work experiences. Lift up your achievements. Give them assurance that you would be responsible if they’ll give you the job. Share your experiences that would give you the chance to get hired.

For example, in your past work experiences, you had given recognition like being the Top Agent for the Month for reaching the goal. You could say that you’ll do the best in doing your job in their company.

Tip: Don’t brag!

3. Show that you care.

Be warm during the interview. Show the recruiter the joy of having the chance to be interviewed. The interviewer can sense if you are truly happy or not.

Look for your actions. Make your handshake reveal who you are. Don’t convey an attitude that would make a bad impression. Mention that you are not perfect but you’ll be your best self in fulfilling every responsibilities of your job.

We hope this article helps you prepare and, be excited in your job interview. Please share it to your friends, colleagues and relatives if you think this can help them as well.



Written by Oliver Villaverde