Not everyone has the privilege to work from home or telecommute. But if you’re one of the few who can, there are times when you need to work from home so you can continuously serve the company and your clients especially during pandemic medical emergencies or natural calamities.

For some, it may be ideal because of the following benefits:

  • Save time and money. You don’t have to spend for gas or commuting to work which saves you money and time.
    Continuous Income. You can do your job anytime you like as long as you finish it and is within the standards of the company.
  • No prescribed clothing or uniforms. Wear anything you like you may even be in your pyjamas, shorts, a T-shirt or anything that fits you.
  • More time for your loved ones. More free time with the family and time to do other essential things that are important to you.
  • Health and Safety. Reduce the risk of infection or injury.


But not everyone sees it as ideal, some of you might experience it as a nightmare. There are situations wherein they find themselves at a harder situation even when they are just home because of reasons like-

  • Distractions. Relatives, friends or neighbours may be around while you are working which may cause distraction to do your tasks. Simply put, the surroundings may not be ideal for you to perform your duties or tasks. It may be due to noise or discomfort.
  • Connectivity. Internet connection may not be fast, or you do not have the proper internet speed to perform the tasks or the job that you are supposed to do.
  • Hardware limitations. You do not have the proper computer or necessary hardware to start working at home.


In order to make working from home a possibility, you will need to do these things:

  1. Find your own space to perform your work. Find a comfortable space or corner of your house so you could do your daily work.
  2. Maintain a specific time to do your tasks. Ideally, this should be your normal working hours. Keep that routine while working at home to help you adjust more quickly with the new set up.
  3. Observe proper break schedules. Break time should also be at a specific time and be a full hour if it is truly a full hour do not cut your breaks short its for your sanity and avoid burn out.
  4. Log in and be present in the work chat room or company conference calls. Connect with your colleagues, ask pertinent questions or say hi or pop a smiley in the chat group.
  5. Utilize your extra time to upgrade your skills. It’s given that you will have free time since majority of your meetings and appointments will be cancelled. Experts say that when you continually learn something that you could use at work, you will feel still accomplished and will be even able to contribute more.


Just keep looking at the bright side, you don’t have to consume time to travel going to work and most of all, risk your health and safety during times like these.

If you were given the opportunity to work at home, make the most out of it. Don’t lose your employer’s trust.

This is also the perfect opportunity to make up for all the lost time in connecting with your loved ones. Find out what you have been missing for a while now.

We hope this article helps you prepare yourself or loved ones on how to telecommute or work from home. Please share it to your friends or relatives if you think this can help them as well.



Written by Oliver Villaverde for PhilJobNet