It may no longer suprise you, but the Millennials and Gen are the next type of workers you will need to hire in order to make your organization succesful for years to come. 

We have always heard about the new generation’s entitled attitude, yet privilege does not equal laziness. According to the article written by Jay Gilbert, Millennials and Gen Z are currently the biggest generation of active workers. Research has shown that boomers identify their strengths as organizational memory, optimism, and willingness to work long hours. Millennials want a life outside the workplace, and expect enough versatility to allow them to fulfill their personal and professional obligations.

Let’find out what millennial and Gen Z worker can do at work: 

  •  They are not loyal but well-educated.

They were observed to hop from one job to another. But they’re going to work hard for you when you ask them and if you’ve established a good relationship with them. According to Fast Company, young workers are not motivated by money. Rather, they strive to be more humane, creative and prosperous in the world. 

  • They are great team players and very confident.

They always have the desire to be creative and able to work well with co-workers. Gen Z and millennial workers want support, feedback, mentoring and to feel appreciated.  Many young workers want to work on new and difficult problems and on those that needed inspiration, to contribute beyond their job descriptions and to move up in the organisation.

  • They are successful-driven.

Young workers want to show themselves that they are taking things out of their field of experience. It means that they are willing to take risks, and to know and accept responsibility. They actually are being quite strategic. Thinking about what they need to be successful, and that’s what they ask for. In the form of promotions and bonuses, younger employees are also hungry for advancement.

  • They are skilled in technology.

Technology comes to them naturally because they have grown up using new tools and applications. They love technology at work, because it reduces hard work and saves them time.  They perform well and excel constantly because of their skills in technology and in social media.

Millennials and Gen Z has placed a spotlight on corporate culture. In contrast to public perceptions, they are efficient, driven and focused.


Now that you know the traits of the next generation of workers, you should be able to work with them more efficiently. For example, you can put them in a group where they could perform with their co-workers to accomplish a project. Or, you could even ask them to perform tasks that require them to use their technical knowledge.

Since the younger generation of workers wants to achieve a higher status in the organization, you could use it to motivate them to do more to prove their worth.

As a recruiter, owner, or manager, you should learn to take advantage of the positive traits of the next breed of workers, harness their strengths, and maximize them for the benefit of your organization.

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