It’s impossible not to have any conflict in the workplace, but you can prevent it from having a negative impact in your career. It happens in any work environment simply because we have different cultural backgrounds, ideologies and influences that differentiates us from our other co-workers.

You can set your expectations correctly when dealing with your co-workers in order for you to avoid unpleasant situations.

Here are a few things you could do to minimise conflict at the workplace:

  1. Learn how to communicate effectively with your co-workers, listen to what they are saying and observe what they are doing closely.
  2. Don’t judge immediately. You need to have a clear mindset ino order to see what’s happening and not what you think is happening.
  3. Be factual. Base your assessment on what has happened, not on your own opinion or the opinion of others.
  4. Find out what your points of agreements are to arrive at a good solution.
  5. Create a step by step plan to resolve the issue. Take it one conflict at a time before you move to another issue if possible, resolve the first issue before addressing the next one.
  6. Be flexible with your plan. If it doesn’t work, you may want to revise it to fit the situation.
  7. Don’t just present your solution, it’s better to find out what the other person is thinking about or planning to do, so you can arrive at a resolution that can resolve the conflict.
  8. Work on the point of misunderstanding and find a way to work out differences. It’s better to understand than to be understood according to experts. If this is how you think you may be able to fix any issue in the workplace.

Most troubles in the workplace can be resolved with an open mind and clear careful actions that will lead to better understanding and work environment for everyone.

It’s better to be on the side of the listener, as the person who tries to understand people with their behavior, rather than someone who forces himself to be the one who to needs to be understood all the time.

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