Win-win scenarios are not only applicable between businesses and their customers. You can also apply it at work. Adopting this concept not only allows you to become more valuable in any organization, it can also take your career to the next level.

Mutual Benefits

This involves two parties who will receive mutual benefits without making compromises. You should be both happy with what you receive, arrive with satisfying results and are also willing to negotiate a solution that benefits both parties. So, who’s the other party? No one else but your Employer- which includes your fellow employees and superiors.

These are FIVE WAYS on how you can create win-win work situations:

  1. Learn everything that you need to learn. By having a good knowledge about situations, products and services, you are better equipped with the right tools to perform your job- and help others. When the time comes that you’re the one who needs assistance, people who are able and willing can then return that favor.
  2. Find possible solutions to a situation, issue or project before it happens. You don’t have to encounter the problems before coming up with a solution. By preparing for this, you begin to develop the ability to foresee problems in the future and easily execute a strategy on how to resolve it. Your efforts will get recognized by your superiors, and you also managed to save yourself with the intense pressure and stress of coming up with an immediate solution- because you’ve already had a plan even before it happened.
  3. Consider all possible answers before deciding. Always adopt an open mindset and never limit yourself to only one popular choice. Consider other people’s opinions especially if you’re the person in charge of solving the problem. People who feel that they’re opinions matter will collaborate better with others.
  4. Create a workable action plan that will be accepted by everybody. Remember, what you’re after is a WIN-WIN situation where the vast majority wins. Not winning the entire population’s approval might be hard, but this is the only definite way to make things work.
  5. Always propose a solution when raising problems. When encountering issues and problems, it’s best to propose a solution that simply citing out the problem. This way you can immediately offer assistance to those people who are directly affected by the concern.  If all of the people involved agrees towards the solution, then everyone can immediately work on the common goal of resolving the problem.

Always look at the facts, set aside your feelings, and strive to be objective at all times. This will help you decide and arrive at a solution which can help everyone who is involved.

Keep an open mind and a welcoming attitude to arrive with a win-win situation.

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