When was the last time that you acknowledged your own strengths? The easiest way to re-affirm this is to write down your strengths on a paper or your smartphone. After all, it’s hard to convince recruiters about what you can do especially if you find your strengths hard to believe.

If you haven’t tried doing it yet, and you’re now looking for work, then NOW is the best time to write down your strengths. It doesn’t even matter if you only have one or two strengths of the top of your head. You can still write it down and still use it to sell your abilities. For example, if you’re good at convincing people about your ideas- you can consider that as a strength of being PERSUASIVE.

You can even ask your friends and relatives what they think your strengths are if you’re still clueless what they are. Some may not you give serious responses, but you’ll definitely get helpful insights from some. Take note of what your friends or relatives are saying about your strengths. Most likely, they are true. Especially if you start hearing similarities with what they say. You can then consider these to prepare yourself for upcoming job interviews.

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In some cases, what you sometimes perceive as your strengths, may not be what the rest of the world sees it. That’s why it’s a good idea to consider what other people think about you; since they can also see what your real potential is. Not only do you get acknowledge what you strengths are, you also get to uncover what your other capabilities are.

Write down your strengths as a person and as an Employee. Take it constructively and thank the person who gave you feedback. The best way to use it, is to figure out how you could apply them for your job search and long term career.

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