There are known ways to jumpstart your job hunting- such as preparing your resumes and applying in job portals. But there are also unusual ways on how you can find jobs that worked for many, but only few people have tried. There are no written rules in looking for work so you should maximize all of the available options available to you can immediately find jobs.

Take a look at these unusual ways and choose the ones that can work for you~

  1. Word of mouth. Ask your friends about job openings in your area. You will be surprised how many leads you will get from friends who are willing to help and refer to position that you’re looking for, given if you the right set of skills and experience needed for the job.
  2. Don’t be choosy. Although this idea may not be popular with everyone because it contradicts that idea of finding the best job possible. Sad to say, it can be hard to land on one. Be open to opportunities which can still help you reach your goal especially if it’s attainable.
  3. Consider Walking-in. There are job opportunities in the location where we are right now. Visit companies in your area, ask about their job vacancies, and if they have one provide a copy of your resume.
  4. Seek the help of the Government. Some jobs are posted regularly at Local Government offices, and you definitely could take advantage of this. Ask your Local Government about their available job listing, and they will be happy to hand it over to you.
  5. Attend Job Fairs. These are public and free events that you can attend which can help you find work as soon as possible. Companies who are actively seeking employees in your area will be attending job fairs in your area. You may look at the upcoming job fairs here on Philjobnet.
  6. Join groups on facebook and follow job portal pages. By joining relevant groups in the industry and following the right Facebook pages, you can immediately get alerts about new opportunities. Take advantage of technology by using your smartphone too for job hunting.
  7. Ask your contacts in social media. Your contacts may be able to refer you to the right direction. There is a famous idea that we are simply a few contacts or connections away from the person who could help you. In your case, you might just be a few friends away from a new job.

Act now or none of these unusual ways on how to find jobs can help you. Actively seek for new job opportunities, update your resume and begin applying the suggestions that we gave you here. Keep a healthy mindset by thinking that that you can find a job soon. By believing that you are going to find a job soon, you’re already winning half the battle.

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