It’s normal for anyone to feel nervous when meeting someone they have never met before, and job interviews are no different. That’s why you should find ways to boost your confidence instead of worrying too much about what may happen during the interview. You should take it easy with yourself if you have done everything in your power to get ready for an interview.

Depending in your level of self-confidence, personality traits, educational background, and experience, you can either pass or fail job interviews. For most confident people, it doesn’t really matter if you fail, as long as you’ve done everything in your power to pass your interviews. After all, some companies simply prefer certain types of applicants over the others.

Start doing these before attending your next set of interviews to increase your Self Confidence:

  1. Use Power Postures. Before starting with your interview, ask permission from the receptionist or security guard to allow you to use the comfort room. Spend about a minute or two to prepare yourself. Stand tall & straight, set your feet apart, raise your hand or put your hands in your waist, and boldly say to your self, “I prepared for this interview, and I will be able to answer the questions calmly and accurately with confidence.” You can boost your confidence by telling yourself that you are ready for it. In Filipino, you can say “Kayang kaya ko ang Job Interview na ito kasi napag handaan ko na ito. Buo ang kumpyansa ko sa sarili ko.”
  2. Do it all the time. Every chance that you get, if you need to face the mirror or have some ‘alone’ time to clear your thoughts or talk to yourself, do it. Your self-confidence improves over time as long as you are ready to face the moment. Through constant exposure to interview situations, you will definitely get better if you embrace it with confidence and develop to trust in your own abilities.

In order to guarantee that you’ve given your best to pass these interviews, you can also use this checklist to make sure that you got everything covered:

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